In the News: Edward Albee

••• Playwright Edward Albee, a longtime Tribeca resident, has died. —New York Times

••• “A Tribeca man was blasted with pepper spray in a late night attack on Desbrosses Street.” It was 12:30 a.m. (which I only point out because I think it’s helpful to know what time of day this kind of thing happens). “The victim, who told police he was drunk, said he didn’t know the man who sprayed him in the face.” —DNAinfo

••• Writer and Tribeca resident Pete Hamill is renting in Brooklyn for a couple of years and the New York Times is on it.

••• Fashion designer “Heron Preston showed his Uniform collection, a collaboration with the City of New York’s Department of Sanitation, at the department’s Salt Shed on Spring Street.” —Wall Street Journal

••• “The majority owner of an office building [550 Washington] that could provide $100 million needed to fix the decaying Pier 40 on the West Side of Manhattan is looking for a partner that would help it redevelop the property into over a million square feet of office and residential space.”  The rezoning process is still in the works. “But as Westbrook increased its hold on the property and laid plans to redevelop it, the city’s residential market has appeared to weaken, dealing a potential blow to its plans to transform the site predominantly into residential space. Sales of high priced condos have slowed and 421-a, the leading incentive program to build rental housing, has lapsed. Those hurdles have prompted Westbrook to consider an office-focused redevelopment as a backup plan—a change that would likely scuttle its deal to buy Pier 40 air rights, a source said.” And that would also mean no affordable housing, which makes the whole thing sound like a negotiating ploy. —Crain’s (rendering from CityRealty)

550 Washington rendering via CityRealty