Seen & Heard: White Street Clarification

••• White Street‘s Dan Abrams took issue with the post about the restaurant turning into an outpost of the Ainsworth: “White Street is not closing,” emailed White Street partner Dan Abrams. “We have been seriously evaluating a partnership with the Ainsworth Group. If the community board had signed off on it we would have moved forward with that joint venture and we still intend to return next month with them but regardless of what happens with Ainsworth, we have no plans to close the restaurant.” I don’t entirely understand how the restaurant known as White Street wouldn’t close if it becomes the Ainsworth, but I concede his larger point that the headline on Thursday’s post was too broad (so I changed it), and that the restaurant is most definitely open for the foreseeable future.

••• A reader brought up an interesting point about Cut, the restaurant at the Four Seasons: Wouldn’t the State Liquor Authority’s 200-foot-rule apply to the church directly across Barclay? From the website of Helbraun & Levey LLP (the last part may be why Cut was allowed):

The ABC Law prohibits certain applicants from being issued a NYS Liquor License if their proposed establishment is on the same street and within 200 feet of a building that is exclusively used as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship.  This restriction is commonly called the “200 Foot Rule.” […] There are certain exceptions to the 200 Foot Rule.  For example, an important part of the statute reads that the building must be “exclusively” used as a place of worship or a school.  If certain floors of the building are used for non-worship or non-school activities, then the building may not be exclusively used, so the 200 Foot Rule may not apply.

••• The TV show “The Blacklist” is shooting in the Hudson/Greenwich area on Sept. 21 and 22.

••• The lobby of the Duane Street Hotel is now a “café and lounge.”

duane-street-hotel••• The reader known as Hudson River sent over two updates: the line at the WTC Apple store yesterday morning, and a look at Pure Liquid, the wine store from Henry Meer, who owned/operated City Hall restaurant.

westfield-world-trade-center-apple-store-line pure-liquid-at-westfield-world-trade-center


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  1. From The New York Times:

    City Hall Restaurant’s Chef Opens Wine Shop

    Henry Meer, who closed his restaurant at the end of 2015, has opened a wine shop in the Oculus.