Seen & Heard: iPic’s Opening Slate of Movies

••• The iPic movie theater at the Seaport District opens Oct. 7 with the following films: Girl on a Train, Birth of a Nation, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Masterminds (bank-heist movie with Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Owen Wilson). This info came in a press release about a special offer at that I think is the same one I mentioned last week; waiting for confirmation from the PR rep. Tickets appear not to be on sale yet.

••• I popped into the Four Seasons hotel yesterday. It’s nice in that corporate-temple way high-end business hotels are, without the residential panache of the Smyth or the Greenwich. The lobby is high-ceilinged but small, probably because it’s hard to monetize, so there isn’t much to see. A manager type pounced on me as soon as I set foot in the place—he must have thought he was being hospitable, but I felt as if he thought I was trying to sneak in a visit to the restroom. (He did say that Cut is opening today for breakfast—and lunch?—but that dinner won’t be available till this Saturday, Sept. 24.) Of note: You can now get a good look at the forthcoming plaza to the east, and the new subway entrance at the southeast corner of Church and Park Place. (P.S. The entrance’s sign says “Chambers Street,” but isn’t the 2/3 stop Park Place? Seems ripe for confusion, since a 2/3 Chambers stop exists a couple of blocks north.)

four-seasons-new-york-downtown-plaza subway-entrance-at-park-place-and-church••• The storefront at 16 Park Place is indeed a medical practice: Highline Orthopaedics, which also has locations on the Upper East Side and in Pelham Bay in the Bronx.

••• The China Institute‘s gallery opens Sept. 3o with “Art in a Time of Chaos: Masterworks from Six Dynasties China, 3rd–6th Centuries.” From the website: “Not only was the Six Dynasties period a pivotal link in the historical timeline between the Han and Tang dynasties, but it is increasingly recognized for having laid the foundation for Chinese artistic standards, genres, subjects, and important themes that continue to define Chinese art today. This exhibition will present the artistic innovations and achievements evidenced by recent archaeological findings from both the Southern and Northern Dynasties across four major disciplines: ceramics, sculpture, calligraphy and painting.”

••• World Trade Center mall update: Grom gelato shop and downtown’s latest Pret a Manger are open in the passageway that leads to Brookfield Place (where there’s also signage up for Japanese fast-food chain Wasabi, if the the Wasabi in Fulton Center is just too far). Èpicerie Boulud, meanwhile, says it’s opening this month. I was there around 2:30 p.m. yesterday, and the mall was busy but the stores were empty. Like uh-oh empty. Maybe that changes at lunch, during commuting hours, and/or weekends…. I was pleased to see another restroom, a level or two down from the Vesey entrance, but how can there be no garbage cans or seating anywhere in the mall? “Seen the news lately?” said a guard when I asked about where to throw away my Grom trash. “Garbage cans are bad.” It strikes me as impossible that there’s no way to figure this out. Moreover, are you telling me that Pret doesn’t have one? That Starbucks won’t?




  1. I’m fairly sure that the subway signage is consistent with the rest of the entrances along Church Street for the A/C/E Chambers Street stop (so if it’s confusing, it’s always been that way). Once you’re inside the fare zone, there’s a way to make a free transfer from on or near the E platform to the 2/3 Park Place platform.

  2. World Trade Centre mall could do with more than one entrance that accommodates strollers (or wheelchairs) – have they seen the demographic down here??

  3. Hi Erik Re: Garbage Cans –
    The solution is clear bags with a surrounding hoop enclosure to hold them in place. No can just a bag to hold the garbage.
    Clear bags = Security Personnel can see what is placed in them… and there is no chance of secondary shrapnel etc if some numnut du hour puts a bomb in there

    See them all over Europe and think this is the best way to move forward here as well. Certainly better than not having any place to put garbage.