Seen & Heard: Wine Shop Transformation

••• 24 Hubert Wines, which used to be called Vestry Wines, is now Verve Wine. And its mission has changed: “Verve Wine is a new place to buy wine online. We curate delicious wines that are thoughtfully and carefully produced from around the world, and deliver them to your door. We will also have a flagship shop in NYC where we’ll host wine tastings, classes and events.”

verve-wine-fka-24-hubert-wines••• Hank’s Juicy Beef now has an quarter-pound, all–Vienna Beef hot dog on its menu.

hot-dog-courtesy-hanks-juicy-beef••• Torly Kid‘s annual sidewalk chalk-drawing contest is this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

courtesy-torly-kid••• As part of his Nick’s Lunchbox Service—for which he shares a new drawing every day—artist Nick Golebiewski drew Duane Street.

duane-park-by-nick-golebiewski••• The city is hosting two upcoming meetings about its Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency plan. Details below.




  1. While not directly relevant to The Costal Recovery meeting, In light of the “once in 100 year” floods decimated parts of Lousiana outside of flood zones, I’ve been wonder whether the post-Katrina flood zones should be updated, and if more buildings should be required to have flood insurance.

    The Feds put out the flood zones, if I recall correctly, and they are managed by NYC OEM.

    Something our low lying costal community should be thinking about, perhaps. I’m out of town or I would attend the meeting to get an idea what the current thinking is.

    • Not sure if this answers your question, but the flood zones were indeed updated after Sandy. Previously, the zones were classified A, B and C. The new zones were expanded and now carry numbers from 1-6.

  2. I’m a vegetarian, so it’s all moot from where I stand…but is “Vienna beef” a thing?

  3. Our (condo) building has carried flood insurance for years. After Sandy, the premium spiked, but it has been coming back down the last couple of years. For condos, the Federal requirements for flood coverage that are followed by most mortgage lenders ($250,000/unit) result in a disproportionately high coverage amount, much more than any foreseeable flood damage to the building. The calculation is irrational as applied to a high rise building IMO. Requirements are different for coops.