Seen & Heard: Roof Tree Removed

••• Jake Tilson, an artist/designer in London, tweeted this photo, saying it was in Tribeca in the 1980s. I can’t quite tell where it was—I get a whiff of Soho from it—and Googling old restaurants is pretty much impossible (because the search engine very much favors existing restaurants, even if they’re in some other country). Then I realized I could just post it and ask if anyone remembers it. UPDATE (X3): “If you google the name and the phone number it comes up with 319 Church St, which is now La Colombe,” says a commenter going by Resident. The old phone number trick! How could I have forgotten it…. And J Allen points out that the photo is likely from the 2000s, noting the new-fashioned crosswalk sign. Last but not least, this is Jake Tilson’s photo (and not one he just found somewhere), so thanks to him for letting us all look at it.

Michelangelos Pizza Coffee Shop courtesy Jake Tilson••• The 1st Precinct Community Council’s monthly meeting is this Thursday, Sept. 29, at 6:30 p.m. at the precinct house (Ericsson and Varick): “Come learn about what is happening in your community and have your concerns addressed.” I’ll be there.

••• Authentic Pre-Owned, which is leaving 117 W. Broadway, is having a moving sale. It has another location in Soho.

••• Via CB1: “The Street Activity Permit Office of the Mayor’s Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management is establishing rules for Street Festivals. The proposed Street Festival rules will broaden access to street festivals, support local business development and end the moratorium on street fairs without overburdening the New York City Police Department resources. The proposed rules are available on our website. Our office will accept your comments on these rule changes until close of business on Thursday, October 13, 2016, through the following ways: Email; visit the NYC Rules’ website and register to submit the comments online; show up to the meeting in person.” If you choose the latter I can send you the info. (I emailed and got this auto-response: “As of Monday, August 8, 2016 at 5 p.m. ET, the public comment period is closed.”)

••• The Pop Up New York street fair that had been scheduled for Sept. 16 on Warren didn’t happen, and it’s not on the schedule for another date this year.

••• It appears that the wonderful little tree growing out of 19 Murray has been removed. (The second photo is from 2013.) Sometimes, I feel like every funky little detail in this neighborhood is being scrubbed away.

19-murray-tree-goneThere's an entire tree coming out of this building on Murray.



  1. If you google the name and the phone number it comes up with 319 Church St, which is now La Colombe.

  2. I loved that tree!

  3. No way that Jake Tilson photo is from the 1980s, when crossing signals spelled out “Walk / Don’t Walk”. The signs with the walking figure and the hand that we see in the photograph were introduced starting in 2000.

  4. The address has a bit of recent history. It was in front of Michelangelo’s Pizza that the French documentary makers, Jules and Gedeon Naudet, captured the first plane flying into tower 1 of WTC. They were following firefighters from Duane Street’s Engine company 7 investigating a gas leak.

  5. Sorry about the wrong date! I was in NYC a lot in the 80s/90s/00s. The photo was shot on film using a Nikon FM2 but I’d need to cross check other photos to get an exact date. I’m pretty sure is was in TriBeCa