Tribeca’s Eleventh Kids’ Clothing Store

349 GreenwichI hear the former Dean’s restaurant space at 349 Greenwich will be a French children’s store (meaning it sells French clothing for kids, not that you can buy French kids there, although that would be a refreshing change). When I learn more—such as which brand—I’ll let you know. It joins ten other kids’ clothing stores in Tribeca: Babesta, Bitz Kids, Egg by Susan Lazar, Jacadi, Livly, My Little Sunshine, Naturino, Polarn O. Pyret, Rosie Pope, and Torly Kid. (I’m sure I’m forgetting at least one.) And that’s not including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, American Apparel, Roberta Roller Rabbit, Steven Alan, Target….



  1. I’m honestly just waiting for Target to open so I don’t have to spend $100 on shoes or pants that they’ll only wear for a year.

  2. Does it offer manicures?

  3. Just what my thirty year olds need. (Feeling snarky this morning.