First Look at Big New Broadway Building

353-357 Broadway (aka 91 Leonard)351-357 Broadway mapToll Brothers City Living has finally posted a rendering for the 19-story, 112-unit building underway at 353-357 Broadway (between Leonard and Franklin), which will have its entrance in the narrow dog-leg that connects at 91 Leonard. The rendering is a bit rudimentary (click on the image to enlarge it), but you get the idea. While it’s nice that the two-to-three stories of mechanicals will be behind a screen, it does seem overly optimistic that they’ll blend into the sky.

I’ll see if I can track down a rep about better renderings. UPDATE: They don’t exist yet.




  1. Gonna wipe out a whole load of lotline windows…

    • The silver lining for the people in that building are that the layouts of those lofts are unaffected by the windows being covered up. The windows are all in the hallways and don’t affect any living quarters.