Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside Target

••• The new Target, which soft opens Wednesday, looks like… a Target! But with edgy semi-finished floors.

target-tribeca-by-brian-sozzitarget-by-saloniag••• Soho Photo‘s October exhibitions, opening Oct. 5, include a Yaqui Yamdrock retrospective. “Yaqui Yamdrock was a member of Soho Photo Gallery since 1999 She was one of the Gallery’s most prolific photographers, a master (darkroom) printer, an excellent photographer and an eccentric with a great sense of humor. She had a special spot in her heart for Venice, Italy. and befriended a mask maker who would make masks according to her specifications. She found costumes in local thrift shops in her neighborhood and delighted in dressing up her friends and neighbors and posing them in ironic and funny vignettes.Yaqui was a lover of turtles and horses. In 2013, she published an illustrated book called By Two! about a turtle named Mullan who followed her dream of racing against horses. With all of Yaqui’s interests and talents, she was truly a ‘one of a kind’ whose presence is missed by all who knew her.”

Mullan by Yaqui Yamdrock••• The “for rent” sign is down at 52 Lispenard, where the Foundrae jewelry boutique was going to be. I peeked inside and I’d guess it’ll be a condo sales office, possibly for the one across the street in the former Pearl Paint building. (First, it just looks like one, and second, they’re not bothering to remove the “Foundrae” embedded into the floor, so it must be temporary.)

52-lispenard••• Houseman is testing out brunch on Sunday, October 16.

••• To Dave, who first noticed the Starbucks Reserve café was open at Brookfield Place and who wondered about the chairs: Anthony from Suite NY says they have them.

••• Tribecan Alyssa May Gold filmed a short webseries in the neighborhood this summer: “You Made It Worse is about friendship and impatience and moping and baking (and the whole thing is only 12 minutes long so you can binge watch without feeling guilty! It’s more like a… snack).”

••• Flyers are posted in the Cortlandt Alley area for a “Caine” shoot on Tuesday. It must be a fake name.

••• Speaking of shoots, I don’t mention these because they happen all the time, but iHeartRadio is often taking over the west side of Church between Lispenard and Walker for concert shoots at its theater.



  1. Alyssa Gold is fabulous!!

  2. Alyssa Gold’s webseries is excellent. Recommend it!