Seen & Heard: Yves Restaurant

••• This looks like it could be fun for the whole family: A show of paper sculptures by Makiko Azakami will be at hprgp Gallery from October 13 through October 26.

Paper typewriter by Makiko Azakami••• Matt Abramcyk confirmed Ashley’s tip: The new restaurant at 385 Greenwich, where Ivy’s Bistro was, is being called Yves. Ashley also said it might be open by this weekend, so keep an eye on it.

385 Greenwich••• A reader noticed that signs in the window of American Icon at 360 Broadway say the store is closing in two days.

american-icon••• I’ve tried complaining to 311 and the DOT a few times about the burned-out streetlamps along the Warren Street shared bike/ped path in City Hall Park, to no avail. As the darkness comes earlier, it’s going to get even more dangerous. If you use that path at night, please submit a complaint here. (UPDATE: See comments.)

city-hall-park-at-9pm-copy••• Press release: “The 17th Annual Run for Knowledge is Friday, October 14, at 5 p.m. The Run for Knowledge is the annual fall fundraiser, fun run and family festival benefiting youth enrichment programs at Battery Park City’s local public schools PS/IS 276, PS 89 and IS 289. The one-mile course follows the esplanade North along the Hudson River ending at the Gazebo in Rockefeller Park. Faculty and staff from all the schools will greet students with congratulatory medals at the finish line. Following the race, participants will be directed to the PS 89/IS 289 school yard for the Run for Knowledge family festival. Everyone is welcome to enjoy food, carnival games and activities, whether or not you’ve run! To participate in the run, please contact”



  1. The burned out lights in City Hall Park are just the latest symptom of a larger problem. The entire park, which was renovated only 15 years or so ago at a cost of more than $20 million, has been allowed to deteriorate badly. It’s a shame the city doesn’t take better care of it.

    • I agree! The condition of City Hall Park is frequently appalling. It should be a jewel of the Financial District, but it is frequently dirty. The Gas lamps for the fountain have not been in regular operation for years. Maybe it’s time for the Downtown Alliance to step in.

    • If the Mayor can’t take care of something as simple as making sure the light bulbs are changed in his backyard, how can he run the city. No attention is paid to the details that make for a safer, more enjoyable life in the city. the streets around city hall are filled with pot holes and long overdue for repaving.

      • I’m probably one of the most anti-deblasio people you’ll meet but your comment’s beyond ridiculous. you’re expecting the mayor of a major city to personally stay on top of details like lightbulbs in parks?

        • Bloomberg did. There was a noticeable shift in the upkeep of the park after the transition. Broken stones were replaced almost overnight, and the flower pottings were regular. I always thought what a waste during the recession, but it is the small things that can make a difference. With the tour buses blocking the Park Row crossings, I feel like I’m at Port Authority.

  2. Just tried. Did you get this error?

    Multiple Submission Alert
    This location has already been issued a workorder. Submissions for this location are blocked.

    WorkOrder Number Reference: 1001188

    • I should’ve updated this, sorry. Here’s what 311 said in a direct message on Twitter:

      Thanks for your patience. When we entered that location in the system, we got a message that it had already been reported (and we could not enter a duplicate). The original Work Order # is 1000757. You can see its status here: . However, that original work order number was filed more than 30 days ago (and most streetlight conditions are corrected within 30 days). Because of this, the best next step would be to contact the Manhattan DOT Borough Commissioner, either by phone or by email. You can call Margaret Forgione’s office at 212-839-6210 or email her using this online form: . You can refer to that work order number, and whether you call or write, your inquiry will be given an internal DOT tracking number.

      • And now I just received this:

        The Department of Transportation is in receipt of your October 5, 2016 correspondence concerning lighting along the shared bike and pedestrian path in City Hall Park. This was referred to the Manhattan Borough Commissioner’s Office for review and response. We will inspect the location and respond to your request with our findings. Thank you for your interest in the matter.

        Charlie Romanow
        Manhattan Borough Commissioner’s Office
        New York City Department of Transportation

  3. Better bring a flashlight