Seen & Heard: Is Target a Good Deal?

••• Lots of planting going on at the plaza to the east of the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown. That name always sounds like a grab bag of search terms….

four-seasons-hotel-new-york-downtown••• An interesting comment from Eric (no relation) about the new Target: “The prices on many items are far higher than at other Target stores in NYC and NJ, especially on things like health and beauty products, generics, household cleaning supplies and the like… the very things that you go to Target for. Once again, we are paying the Tribeca tax to merchants who only see $$ when they look at us. Examples: 140 store-brand heavy duty trash bags, nearly $21 as opposed to $16.99 in other Target stores; 500 generic low-dose aspirin more than $9 as opposed to $7 or so, Pronamel toothpaste $7 and change as opposed to $5 and change, etc. etc. It adds up (percentage-wise it’s huge) and, even worse, it’s cynical and obnoxious. Since we don’t lack for opportunities to be overcharged in this neighborhood, I plan to boycott this Target (and probably pay less at stores like Bed Bath and Best Market) and hope that other folks will send them a message and do likewise. Erik you should call them out on this—and when they try to justify themselves by complaining about the oh-so-high rent, remind them that there are many stores—Trader Joe’s comes to mind—that charge the same thing everywhere. And they certainly don’t appear to be losing money….” I may indeed have to do another Price Check…. Anyone know of a full-size Target reachable by train? Preferably outside the city, I think.

••• Press release from Racines NY, where I had another very good meal the other night: “Owner/beverage Director Arnaud Tronche has selected five wines exclusively available for happy hour at just $7 a glass—a sparkling, two whites and two reds. A selection of draft beers will be $5.

••• Did anyone get a spot on the Open House New York tour of the Manhattan Municipal Building’s cupola? Reservations appear to have filled up in a nanosecond. I’m hoping I can score a press spot because my apartment faces that building and I’ve looked at that cupola for 12 years now. (Gale Brewer, if you’re out there…. Invite me over! I’ll bring chips!) UPDATE: My neighbor got in—apparently you had to wait eight minutes for someone else to time out—and to be honest I’m struggling to be nice about it.

••• Speaking of the Municipal Building, they’re crapping it up again with colored light. Instead of turning it an undignified purple, how about lighting the exterior of the north side to match the south?

municipal-building••• The Skin Laundry facial spa opening at 112 W. Broadway—where Gotham Bikes was before it moved to Reade—has a rendering on it. Looks rather like it always has.

112-wbroadway-rendering••• Baxter & Liebchen furniture store is having a “huge huge sale” this Saturday: “up to 80% off select items.”



  1. Not outside the city, don’t know about full size – but the Atlantic Terminal Target is close and you could compare prices. It is probably a more valid comparison anyhow, because you need to factor in gas, a car etc. to get comparability otherwise.

  2. You can take PATH to the Target in Jersey City. You can add in Light Rail but it’s faster to walk:

  3. Yes there is a Target in Jersey city walking distance from the PATH train that leaves you by the Newport mall. The train stop is called Newport-Pavonia. The walk after the train is about 10 to 15 mins

  4. One would think Target has landed two blocks from WTC (and on the BMCC campus) only as a branding presence, not to profit, and prices would be low. The space is too small to do what they do, and rent around here is forbidding to profit anyway, unless they got some corporate welfare out of it. Then again, if branding is their sole aim, makes sense they’d figure: the heck with supply-seeking locals – they know where else to shop. We want the ice cream and coffee seeking tourist crowd.

  5. Some items are definitely cheaper. For example;
    – 32 oz bottles of Gatorade for $1.02
    – gallon Poland Springs water for $1.15.
    – six pack of import beer was around $9

    Also, most of the sale items are attractively priced.

    Things I recall that were more expensive:
    – Quart of milk was more than whole foods by 10 or 20 cents
    – Dozen eggs were about the same price, if not more

    So they seem to have “loss leaders” mixed in with “regular” priced items. In terms of pricing, it didn’t feel too far off from my experience with bigger suburban stores.

    However, it’s apparent that they are trying to cater to a different market with this Target. The average transaction of the Chobani cafe is probably north of $5 vs the typical Target hot dog / pretzel / soda fountain cafe, which I would guess to be around $2-3.

    • Used to work at Target, it is a little early to tell price points. They have rates that are priced based on the area, when compared to stores in Queens they are the same. Target does do competitive shopping with the stores in their area, which aren’t reflected right away so as time goes on the prices may become more compareable to the area.

  6. Can always order online. Target has free shipping on orders $25+ and free returns.

  7. What’s the point of comparing outside the city? Who cares? I don’t shop in the suburbs, I shop in my neighborhood and some of these prices are pretty strong. $1.29 for a dozen eggs (half the price of anywhere else with 5 blocks). 2 Salad packs for $5 (again, good luck getting salad packs for $2.50). Sure I can find better deals on some products elsewhere, but I saw plenty of neighborhood steals on my visit to Target. And BB&B is your example of low prices? IMO they are one of the city’s great ripoffs. So, stay away, pay more down the block or go to the suburbs so you don’t pay higher for goods in the city. It just means more Target for me.

  8. “Undignified” purple was to raise awareness of domestic violence.

  9. I looked online to compare prices with the kids clothes I bought. The base price was the same for all items, but they are on sale online. One shirt I paid $12.99 for is on sale online for $10.39. I also bought some food. A granola bar I paid $1.66 for is $1.19 online. Hmm.

  10. At first I liked the idea of having a target nearby then I went to cost it on opening day and HATED the pedestrian traffic. I’m hoping these crowds don’t show up during the weekends. I like my part of town quiet.
    Laundry detergent (tide) 15 bucks.
    Walmart has for 6.94 (delivery)

    • I noticed the same thing re: laundry detergent when I was in the store last week– $14.99 in the store which I thought was definitely on the higher side compared to what I’ve previously paid at other Targets (including Harlem and Atlantic Terminal locations). I pulled up the same item on and it’s selling for $10.99. Ironically, you can order the $10.99 detergent online and pick it up in the Tribeca store. That seems to be one way to getting around the inflated in-store price.

  11. I bought online for delivery to the store which only took a few hours- but for the much lower prices available online.

  12. it’s crazy but it’s often cheaper to have amazon prime ship stuff than buy it locally. ditto walmart. online shopping makes a lot of sense, if you live in tribeca. the exception i make is for kings pharmacy and best market. i am willing to pay a little more to keep these guys in business.

  13. Definitely disappointed with Target. It is way too small to have a meaningful presentation and selection of any product categories. The prices are high or the same as Best Market, Whole Foods, and Duane Reade, all of which with better selection. In some cases, you can get a better deal at Kings Pharmacy!!! WTH?! I’ll continue to shop from Amazon/AmazonPrime for my toiletries and basics where you can get better deals. This Target tried to put too many product categories into such small space. It may have been better to focus on a few product categories than to try and offer everything with epic failure. And have you seen their produce? Rotten bananas and wilted veggies. Awful.

  14. I agree on Erics comment. Always paying higher prices, bleeding us always. Target should not be higher but the rents which are higher makes target higher. horrible!!!!!