In the News: Grand Banks Spinoff

The Governor fireboat by Britt Crosby courtesy Grand Banks••• “The people behind popular oyster bar on a boat Grand Banks now have a decommissioned FDNY fireboat called The Governor that they’ll be turning into a moving, floating restaurant next year. It’s not yet clear what the concept will be or where the boat will be docked. […] Unlike many boat restaurants, The Governor will be moving around the river during dinners. People looking to take a glimpse of the future venue can spot it near Grand Banks, which is entering the end of the season with dollar oysters.” —Eater

••• The Department of Transportation is finally doing something about the “love locks” that people attach to the Brooklyn Bridge. —Wall Street Journal

••• Australian café “Hole in the Wall Coffee is set to launch at 15 Cliff St. in December.” —DNAinfo

••• “A statue of [St. Paul] on Oct. 4 was lowered via knuckleboom crane to his niche 50 feet above the entrance to the chapel that bears his name at Broadway and Vesey Street. This St. Paul is a hardy resin copy of the weathered, 225-year-old original carved out of tulip poplar and removed in August 2015 for restoration. Deemed too delicate for any more exposure to the elements, the old St. Paul will reside in the sanctuary and be unveiled on Oct. 30 at St. Paul’s Chapel’s 250-year anniversary celebration.” Knuckleboom is the word of the day. —Tribeca Trib

••• “The developers behind the St. John’s Terminal project across from Pier 40 outlined changes to their proposal in a Sept. 30 letter to the City Planning Commission. The changes include promises about retail space included in the multi-building, mixed-use project, and the removal of a proposed elevated park [rendered below], among other things. […] The developers will now remove the rail beds entirely and put open space at ground level, including adding seating and plantings at a through-block passageway amid the project’s five buildings. They are also now promising an approximately 10,000-square-foot indoor recreation space either at or below the ground floor of the center of the project.” —DNAinfoSt Johns High Line-ish park courtesy COOKFOX