The Unhistoric Townhouse

I started out thinking the new building at 187 Franklin was a little crazy, but as it has come together, I’ve decided it’s crazy in a good way. What we can see of the brick façade through the construction netting looks very interesting (click on the photo to see it better):

187-franklin-from-across-the-street And then a reader pointed out that two Instagram accounts, @systemarchitects (the firm designing the building) and @averena, have photos taken behind the netting.

187-franklin-in-progress-by-system-architects 187-franklin-pic3 187-franklin-pic4 187-franklin2-by-system-architectsWhat’s more, there are even photos of the interior. “The complex geometry of the façade is mirrored inside, in the domestic space, where an interior wall of twisted brick anchors the back of the house, its curves providing seating, shelving, and even a fireplace,” says the System website, where the project is called the Unhistoric Townhouse. (That’s architect Jeremy Edmiston in the third shot.)

187-franklin-interior1-by-system-architects 187-franklin-interior2 187-franklin-interior3 187-franklin-interior4 187-franklin-interior5-prebricks-by-system-architectsI’m excited for the full reveal, which I assume won’t happen till the windows are installed.



  1. So is this all being commissioned for one family/owner- or will it be for sale after?