Seen & Heard: Open Mic Night for Kids

••• Lowphat reports on the upgrade at the Regal Battery Park cinemas: “The new seats are really nice. They’re well sized, leather (pleather?) electronic reclining seats where each seat has a tray table and drink holder. I don’t recall what the ticket prices were before but they were $16 and you can reserve your seats ahead of time.” Here’s a photo from Regal’s website.

regal-reclining-seat••• You can peek into the H&M at the World Trade Center mall when you ride down the Eataly escalators, and it still looks pretty raw—although stores can come together very quickly. I find myself returning to Eataly time and again for the lettuce, which is so much more interesting than at Whole Foods, and I’ve learned that if you go before lunchtime, the place isn’t overwhelming at all. (But I do wish there were stairs rather than just those escalators. Or are there stairs and I’m just so lettuce-focused—moving on it like a bitch!—that I don’t see them? There have to be, right?)

••• From Friends of Duane Park: “We’re hosting an Open Mic Night for kids at Duane Park on Friday, Oct. 21, from 6-7:30. We will be having a limited number of sign-ups for kids who can sing, play, or make us laugh. Participants will be given musical accompaniment by Church Street School musician Wilson Montouri as well as a keyboardist. Sign-ups for the three-minute slots, are on a first-come, first-served basis by emailing, and subject to availability on the night of.” There’s no mention of a gong, which would really zest up the proceedings.

••• Forgot that Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte, which specializes (exclusively) on steak frites, is opening on Watts. Here’s hoping it can prove that space isn’t cursed.

le-relais-de-venise••• And I had totally missed that Bread, once at Church and Walker, has opened in the Nolitan hotel at Kenmare and Elizabeth.




  1. Excited for Le Relais! Anyone know of a good steak frites delivery closer to FiDi? Les Halles was decent, but now defunct.

  2. Les Halles closed briefly a few weeks ago but has since reopened. Unless it closed again. I saw it open just a few days ago. I also like Harry’s Cafe in Hanover Square for Steak Frites.