Seen & Heard: Baby Born on Oculus Floor

••• Posted on the Port Authority’s website: “Mariam Suleman of East Orange, N.J., gave birth on the floor of the Hub’s Oculus to a beautiful baby girl with the aid of Port Authority Police Department officers. Next Thursday, the officers who helped deliver the baby—Brian McGraw and Matthew Binkowitz—will be honored for their actions by the Port Authority Board of Commissioners at its monthly meeting. […] This isn’t the first time the duo helped deliver a baby while working at the Port Authority. In August 2015, they both worked to help deliver a healthy baby girl in the World Trade Center PATH station.” The PANYNJ has photos (taken later at the hospital) if you click through.

••• The Tribeca Alliance is hosting a Family Day on Bogardus Plaza on next Saturday, October 22, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. “There will be several activities, a play area, a craft table, toss-a-ring, Play-Doh table, hula hoop demo, snacks, two balloon artists, two face painters, and much more,” says Ann Benedetto of A Uno Tribeca. “Everything is free donated by the small business of Tribeca.”

••• “I went into Target yesterday hoping to buy some inexpensive tableware,” reports R. “I found a number of things I was going to get, but then was disappointed to find out that they have no delivery option. There was no way I could carry the dishes, etc., I wanted by myself, so I walked out empty-handed. I understand that in the suburbs, where you can pull your car up, delivery is not necessary, but it seems strange to me that Target sells housewares, large items, etc., in the city and won’t deliver. Any idea if this is a permanent policy or something they just don’t have up and running yet?” I heard from a contact that they absolutely see the need for delivery and are working on it, but it might take a couple of months.

••• Two shows open October 28 at Taymour Grahne Gallery: “Mojave Pictures,” paintings by Ryan Schneider, and “Natural Memory,” paintings by John Dilg. Below: Schneider’s “Many Headed Owl.”

Many Headed Owl by Ryan Schneider courtesy Taymour Grahne



  1. Interesting about the no delivery at what’s supposed to be the lure..when TC has already established that the prices are markedly higher than stores in the ‘hood and Whole Foods and Best Market do offer delivery?

    • I wouldn’t say that any price difference was definitively established. If anything, the consensus was that prices are cheaper if you order from Target online.

    • Thomas’ English Muffins 6-pack $4.39 @ Jubilee
      $4.39 @ Best Market, $2.29 @ Target

    • If Target TriBeCa has the same sale prices as Target Jersey City, and it appears for now they do, then any of those products will be significantly cheaper than any other neighborhood source, even if the sale price is supported by the manufacturer. For example, over the past few months Best Market has had Chobani single serve cups on sale for 4/$5 and Target Jersey City has often had them 10/$10, or 20% cheaper. Also Target often has good sales on cleaning products, which the supermarkets rarely discount.

    • You can get delivery, but you do so through the website. After working with large retailers before, I can say that the coordination to handle inventory in store and at distribution is still in the medieval times. As for prices, if it is on the website, then in-store will be the same. Things like paper towels and bananas would be priced according to the neighborhood.

  2. Who cares how expensive anything else is when a 12 pack of beer at Target sells for the same as a 6 pack at some other places in the area!