Seen & Heard: Best Market Is Not Closing

••• Got a sneak peek inside Yves restaurant yesterday—looks sharp! They’re just waiting for the gas to be turned on, which they’re hoping will be in the next week.

yves-restaurant••• “Don’t believe the rumors,” says Best Market VP Jonathan Sender about the possibility of the Tribeca store closing. “We are not closing the store. Open for business as usual!”

••• The New York Times says Augustine, Keith McNally’s restaurant at the Beekman hotel, opens “in a few weeks,” while the Wall Street Journal says “by early November.” But I had heard that is already in friends-and-family mode, and sure enough, on Instagram, Amanda Brooks posted a pretty photo of the restaurant’s hand-painted tile and said that the opening is set for November 1.

••• A provocative comment from Madeleine yesterday: “Did you hear about something taking place today with the ice cream truck outside of Washington Market Park? I heard that they raided his truck, the police, and there were police and ambulance there. Kids had mentioned he had guns too.” Anyone know anything?

••• I was having lunch at Court Street Grocers on LaGuardia Place yesterday—how I love that place—when I saw a catering order taped above the kitchen. I knew CSG did catering, but not that its catering menu also offers three-, four-, and six-foot versions of its cold sandwiches. (Heaven.) They’ll deliver anywhere downtown for a nominal fee.

courtesy-court-street-grocers••• Aby Rosen is trying once again to unload 67 Vestry—which was briefly on the market a year or so ago—after “recapturing” most of the rent-stabilized units. From the listing:

The residential component consumes floors 2 through 9 and is configured into 25 separate units. Of the building’s 25 loft units, 11 are vacant fair market apartments and buyout agreements are in place with 10 rent stabilized units. Per the agreements, each tenant is required to vacate their unit on or before January 15, 2017. Given that an overwhelming majority of the building will be delivered vacant, these units offer a blank slate for a new owner to take possession of immediately upon closing and commence construction.

67 Vestry also offers tremendous future upside waiting to be unlocked by new ownership as there are 4 rent stabilized units remaining that total approximately 7,181 square feet. Over time, new ownership will have the opportunity to recapture these units naturally or through tenant buyouts, adding exponential value to the project.

Additionally, the expansive ground floor contains approximately 5,800 square feet of vacant space. While the ground floor is currently zoned commercial, prospective purchasers have the ability to create lucrative retail space within the exclusive neighborhood. The building features coveted curb cuts that provide the ability to incorporate on-site parking for future tenants or residents. 

Furthermore, 67 Vestry generates significant supplemental income of approximately $146,462 annually through the roof’s valuable billboard signage.

67 VEstry courtesy Massey Knakal



  1. Apparently the ice cream truck guy had no license from the health dept. And he had an old outstanding warrant.

  2. Re: Yves, it looks like the gas may have finally been turned on at City Vineyard — they have a sign outside touting a full menu. So far they have only been able to offer hors d’oeuvres-y things.