Seen & Heard: A Pretty Good Whole Foods Deal

••• Tribeca Alliance canceled today’s Family Day event because of the weather.

••• I came across this Whole Foods offer on Facebook.

whole-foods-offer••• I went over to the Tribeca Tower’s public plaza because I heard that Related has installed a silencer on the noisy new boiler; unfortunately, the sound was undiminished. Also of note: The Flea has put up some rather large signage on its corrugated-iron backside overlooking the plaza. (This was the best photo I could get because the plaza is still behind construction netting.)

the-flea-signage-overlooking-tribeca-tower-plaza••• Now up at Patrick Parrish Gallery: “The Ends of Invention, the first solo exhibition of work by New York-based artist Chris Beeston.

“The pieces in this show are extensions of things I’ve experienced in the world: a broken Bluetooth speaker, a weird piece of metal on the ground, a science fiction novel, a technical diagram,” he says.  The meticulous works elevate everyday, mass-produced objects—like 99-cent store Tupperware—into objects of greater beauty and extended functionality without concealing their origins. Beeston’s curiosity about the world is on full display, focused on the geometric, scientific, and technical underpinnings of our culture. He simultaneously demonstrates great originality while also questioning whether originality can exist in an absolute sense. “We are creatively saturated,” he says. “So much has been done already. And yet, everything you encounter can still be a stepping stone to the next thought. It’s necessary to embrace that tension.”

chris-beeston-sculpture-courtesy-patrick-parrish••• “Law & Order: SVU,” back yet again in southeast Tribeca.

••• On November 18 at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center: “A Musical History of the Lower East Side will consist of songs reflecting the ethnicity of the Irish, Italian, Jewish, Hispanic and African-American residents of New York’s Lower East Side, including Jazz, Opera, Irish, Latin, Italian and Yiddish music, along with historical narration and video by Charles R. Hale. This show premiered at Rockwood Music Hall in 2015 to a standing-room-only crowd.”