Seen & Heard: New York Dolls Update

••• More intel on New York Dolls from Mel: “Word is that New York Dolls is opening this Thursday Oct. 27 owner bought the building and the next building the cricketers arm.” To which James responded, “ACRIS shows no such transfers or deeds yet. Latest is September 2016 zoning lot descriptions for the combined parcel including this building.” Could this be why Cape Advisors renamed the project 59-61 Warren—to distance it (and the entrance?) from the strip club next door?

••• K. emailed asking how to get into the Experience Mars extravaganza happening at Canal and Varick (which you may recall from the Nosy Neighbor question about it). I found a graphic online that says it’s free; I assume you just walk up and wait in a line, if there is one, and have emailed that address to confirm. I’ll update this if I hear back. UPDATE: “Admission is free to the public and on a first come, first served basis,” was the response. “We will have a waitlist system on hand for the most popular experiences—but the whole space is available for perusal during the posted hours. Tons of stuff to do and experience here.”

••• The old Matsugen restaurant interior at 66 Leonard is being demolished, reports S.: “Free Meier relics by the yard on Worth St.” (Leonard, actually.) That space is an enigma. The Department of Buildings permits say it’s being converted to a three-story retail space; someone who lives in the building says that could be happening even though there’s no tenant. What’s going on? Enquiring minds want to know!

••• Lots of crosswalks in the area are getting painted with zebra stripes, which will totally stop drivers from looking at their phones. Semi-related: How come civilians are constantly warned against checking their phones while driving (for good reason!), but Uber drivers and the like are allowed to do it non-stop? I’m tired of nearly getting run over by livery cars. (P.S. So now Washington Street will have crosswalks, but still not any garbage cans?)

crosswalk-prep crosswalk-done••• More on Les Halles from Mruptight: “Stopped by Les Halles Friday night. Maitre d’ said that there had been a floor collapse in the kitchen, so they are running limited hours for the next month while repairs are made.”

••• Opening Nov. 3 at Apexart: “Youniverse is what human life is about—being happy, healthy, and in harmony. It merges insights from ancient and contemporary contemplative practices, art, technology, and science. It is centered around fun, non-judgmental, compassionate, caring, and kind togetherness. This series of inclusive free experiences embraces subjective and collective consciousness. Offered mindfulness services, embodied experiences of oneness, and games become facilitators for social- and self-empowerment, and enactments towards unity and love.” The calendar of events is here.

••• Has anyone been to Nickel & Diner yet? (It’s at Centre and Howard.) Cuteness is off the charts. Menu here.

nickel-and-diner••• The window at Shoofly has been papered over, so maybe something is moving in.




  1. Tried Nickel & Diner for brunch last week. Great space but odd experience. Said it was soft-launch so maybe will change. But wouldn’t allow scrambled eggs instead of fried on egg sandwich because “chef doesn’t do any alterations or substitutions to exactly what’s on the menu” (server admitted it was weird but said nothing he could do) and omelette had a strange pickled filling. Want to like it but not jumping up and down to go back.

  2. re: Washington Street garbage cans

    I thought I was the only one! I called the city so many times and they said they can’t put them there because there is not enough “foot traffic”.

  3. Fingers crossed that Dolls stays! Keep this neighborhood weird!


  5. Why not have the Racoon Lodge be revived in the former Cricketers Arm pub location next to New York Dolls.

  6. Heard plan was for cricketers arm to become popular steakhouse? Can anyone confirm?

  7. “How These Restaurateurs Turned a $5 Chinese Buffet Into a Sleek, Modern Diner”