Seen & Heard: Ninja vs. the Health Department

••• Looks like Ninja ran into some trouble with the Department of Health. Hope it gets back on its feet soon. UPDATE 11/1: It’s open again.

ninja••• On Sunday, Nov. 6, Colin Quinn and Mike Sheehan will tend bar at Woodrow’s for charity (2-6 p.m.).

••• Downtown Dance Factory sent over some photos of its newly expanded studio complex. “This latest expansion saw us taking over the other half of the 4th floor, so that we now have over 12,000 square feet of space—two whole floors. In doing so, we expanded and also re-designed the whole 4th floor space and look. We now have seven studios, two of which can be combined to form a super large studio/performance space. The expansion meant not only more studio space, but also more waiting area, a dedicated boys changeroom (with over 200 boys in our program, it’s something we hadn’t anticipated when we opened) and more office space and a staff lounge for our 25+ staff.” Great to see an independent business thrive! It’s all designed by Tribeca’s own Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design.

downtown-dance-factory-courtesy-ghislaine-vinas-interior-design••• I went to last week’s meeting of the 1st Precinct Community Council (livened up by a visit from the ghouls of the Blood Manor haunted house), because there was another protest on Broadway alongside City Hall Park. At last month’s meeting, I was told that there would always be a community liaison officer whom I could ask to turn the volume down (if it’s too loud, as it was—way overamplified for the 100 people in attendance), but there wasn’t at the recent protest. Deputy inspector Mark Iocco, who heads the precinct, said the precinct was overextended again on that particular day. I reiterated that this problem was only going to get worse as the City Hall Park area continues to turn residential, and that my neighbors and I are simply asking for a reasonable level of amplification (or, better yet, to turn the speakers away from the residential buildings across the street). Deputy inspector Iocco suggested we have a meeting offline, ideally with a representative from councilmember Margaret Chin’s office. Stay tuned.



  1. Ninja was closed due to vermin infestation.

  2. The best thing about Ninja was that it was dark – you wouldn’t want to see it with lights on – eeek.

  3. YES on sound limits. The noise was awful during recent “events” in/near City Hall Park.