In the News: Sweat Yoga Has Opened

city-hall-park-path-at-nightnyt-letter-about-city-hall-path••• The New York Times published my letter about the city’s inability to replace a few lightbulbs along the shared bike/pedestrian path in City Hall Park (it links the Brooklyn Bridge to the Hudson River paths), which became even more galling after the announcement of a $1.5 million program to educate people about how vision is impaired at dusk. I wish I could have a do-over on the letter, because I didn’t stick the dismount; the path is right under City Hall’s ass, not its nose.

••• Sweat Yoga has opened, according to a sponsored email from HRP Mamas.

••• Eater reviewed Paowalla.

••• DNAinfo has an update on the big development proposed for 550 Washington (with the Pier 40 air rights): It’s looking more and more like a game of chicken between the developer and city councilmember Corey Johnson.

••• “New York Water Taxi says it has [finally] stopped using the network of Downtown peddlers police have long called a source of chaos.” —DNAinfo



  1. Well done. That path is dodgy enough during the day, thanks to all the cyclists who can’t (or refuse to) read the yield to pedestrians signs.

  2. Thanks on the bike path.

    Now if we could only stop all the bikers who go the wrong way on the path too.

  3. Did the path at one time have a dismount sign?