Seen & Heard: Saks Fifth Avenue Gunshot Hoax

••• “I heard from a coworker there was a lockdown at Brookfield Place Monday night,” texted a tipster. “Some guy in a costume with a very realistic looking machine gun got tackled by security and all of the stores went on lockdown.” I asked around, and the only person who had heard of an incident said it wasn’t quite as described: “Apparently a hoax. Group of kids ran into Saks and said they heard gunshots, when questioned it turned into that they heard two ‘pops.’ Was investigated by Brookfield and—when they called 911—the 1st Precinct, but was concluded that it was kids being kids.”

••• The base of 3 World Trade Center has started getting glassed. I included a rendering, too. Sort of amusing that they’re creating a narrow overhang/arcade, when everyone else wants to fill theirs in.

3wtc-base3wtc-base-rendering••• Yves restaurant has a website ( and a phone number (212-431-3385). The reservation link to OpenTable doesn’t work yet, and if you call to make a reservation, the reservationist says they’re using Resy.

••• According to an email from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, the mayor withdrew his proposed changes to street-fair regulations.

••• Meant to post this yesterday: Well done, Madeline Lanciani of Duane Park Patisserie!

courtesy-duane-park-patisserie••• R. sent in this amusing snap of a topless model photobombing a wedding shoot.

photobomb-by-r••• Shoots today and tomorrow in the Lafayette/Franklin area for “Blue Bloods” and “Group Therapy.”



  1. Disappointed about the street fair proposal being dropped- seemed to make a lot of sense.

  2. hahaha. Topless photobomb of wedding photos. You can’t say everyone has lost their sense of humor!

    Also,Madeline the witch was wonderful!