In the News: Virtual Reality Arcade

••• Manhattan Loft Guy digs into the sale of an apartment at 16 Hudson.

••• A man who lives in Tribeca is trying to un-adopt a child. —New York Post

••• Lots of thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• “We are withdrawing our earlier plan to demolish the pedestrian bridge at Rector Street before the West Thames Bridge is complete,” a rep for the city’s Economic Development Corporation told a CB1 committee. “But we cannot promise that the Rector Bridge will remain in place until the new bridge is open.” —Broadsheet

••• “Today Tribeca Enterprises has announced a collaboration with Westfield World Trade Center in New York City to bring virtual reality to visitors with the Tribeca Virtual Reality Arcade. Starting from tomorrow those going to the center will be able to enjoy four immersive experiences across eight viewing stations for free.” Weekends through Nov. 20. —VRFocus




  1. Looks like Burberry is a shoplifter’s dream.

  2. Amazing how many people leave their bags/wallets/jackets with stuff in pockets lying around and then are surprised that they’ve been stolen. Yeah, it’s theft – but…