A Poke Restaurant Appears to Be Opening in Tribeca

35-lispenardJudging from the paper in the windows, it would appear* that a restaurant specializing in the Hawaiian dish poke is opening at 35 Lispenard, formerly home to Café Noir and, before that, 35 Thai. Poke, probably the biggest food trend in New York City right now, is “basically any meat or seafood cut up into chunky cubes and marinated,” according to Buzzfeed, and it’s pronounced poh-kay. The Buzzfeed writer tried six poke establishments (with the selfies to prove it); I searched the article for graphics matching the papered windows, to no avail, so we’ll have to wait to see if this restaurant is related to any others.

*There is an ad agency called Poke, which used to be at 11 Harrison….

(The photo below is courtesy Pokeworks, an L.A.-based chain with one outpost in Manhattan and two more on the way.)




  1. Literally none of the pictures in the linked Buzzfeed articles are “selfies,” just to clear up your understanding of the term.