In the News: Tribeca’s Presidential Candidate

neer-asherie-courtesy-yeshiva-university••• A round-up of write-in presidential candidates includes “Neer Asherie, 44, a professor of physics and biology at Yeshiva University and a presidential candidate from Tribeca. His list of grievances is long: the two-party system, the Electoral College and the tone of the current election. He jumped into the race, he said, ‘because at least this way I can vote for someone I trust: me.'” The address he registered is on Reade. —New York Times

••• Whole Foods “announced in an earnings call Wednesday that it will roll out a nationwide rewards program next year. The company’s been running tests for several years in Philly and since July in Dallas, and feels the program will be ready for prime time in 2017. Members will receive ‘a number of rewards,’ among them 10 percent off their first purchase, a coupon good for 15 percent off any department, and product giveaways throughout the year. The more a customer buys, the more rewards they’ll ‘unlock,’ although CEO John Mackey says that while freebies and other promos ‘are an integral part of our conversation.'” —Grub Street

••• “A ritzy private evacuation service”—sounds like a colonic!—”tailored for Lower Manhattan’s executive class is now leasing dock space at North Cove Marina, whence it plans to whisk Downtown’s masters of the universe safely off the island come Judgment Day.” There’s a lot of chip on that sentence’s shoulder. —Downtown Express

••• Community Board 1 thinks the HarperCollins publishing firm (my first real employer!) shouldn’t get an honorary street renaming. —Broadsheet

••• More on Hawksmoor, the London-based steakhouse chain opening at the World Trade Center mall, from FiDi Fan Page: “The nearly 14,000 SF restaurant will be on the 3rd floor of 3 WTC and will have a total of 116 tables in the restaurant and bar areas for a seating capacity of 370 people; including the four private dining rooms. It will be open 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM on weekdays and 2:00 AM on weekends. Grand Opening is Spring 2017. The restaurant’s floor plan is attached below. The Office portion of 3 WTC is not expected to be completed until mid 2018.” Also of note: “It was also disclosed that two other restaurants will be opening at 3 WTC, but no word as to who will be leasing them.” (Boldface mine.)




  1. Private evacuation service? Everything that’s wrong with America, in a nutshell.

  2. Weird that in 2016 – with more and more folks switching to a vegetarian or vegan or pescatarian diet…our neighborhood is deluged with steakhouses. From my point of view (as a non-meateater) it’s rather discouraging.