Seen & Heard: Wandering Bull

••• “A scale replica of the Bowling Green bull showed up outside Two Hands on Church [yesterday] morning,” reports P. “A man from a freight company told me that it had been miss-delivered; it was intended for the same block of West Broadway, presumably at one end or the other of Finn Square.”

wall-street-bull-on-church••• Gourmet Garage’s Tribeca store is getting into the kids’ entertainment biz with Saturday performances at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. through Dec. 17. This week: CC and Mallory, sing-along storytellers, followed by Wonderspark puppets.

gourmet-garage-kids-brunch-schedule••• Something called Prologue Coffee is opening on the west side of Lafayette, just north of Canal.

prologue-coffee-lafayette-north-of-canal••• On August 19, I complained about the lot under development at 456 Greenwich—it’ll be a hotel, someday—taking over three sidewalks (Greenwich, Desbrosses, and Washington). If there’s active construction, I can forgive it, but there’s still zero evidence of any progress. It’s dangerous to make people walk in the street (which people constantly do) and it’s certainly not great for the two restaurants on that block of Greenwich.

456-greenwich••• Loved the Carmen Herrera show at the Whitney! It’s up through Jan. 2. The show of portraits from the permanent collection is worthwhile, too (although I’m iffy on the gallery of “portraits without people”).




  1. Erik,

    An extremely valid point re: 456 Greenwich..
    It is inconceivable to me that they have been allowed to swallow up all three surrounding sidewalks. Who decides this??

    Given this has been allowed to take place, I cannot understand why they have not been required to at least make a walkway (with the usual plastic dividers making a channel in roadway) to allow people to safely cross the areas in question.

    Finally as you point out very clearly – why has this all taken place so many months before any real construction has taken place.. The site has been at a standstill for months (permits?)

    I for one am very excited for this new Hotel to be built as it will certainly have a positive effect in our immediate neighborhood, however at the same time there should be just a base minimal concern for very basic safety of the people who need to use the sidewalks around the site.

  2. The ‘sidewalk hostage’ issue is one of the most annoying parts of living in this area. Sidewalks magically disappear, sidewalk sheds have lives measured in years not months and there seems to be no sort of regulation which gives the pedestrian any rights to walk safely. I know this was raised at the CB1 Construction Forum but was met with a universal ‘shrug of the shoulders’. Of course construction has to take place and we cannot escape some disruption as a result but there are cases, such as the one you mention where the amount of space and the complete disregard for users of the streets are totally unreasonable.

    • Just heard that the reason for the delay is not permits but rather funding….. not great.

      • Maybe….just maybe…we need an outsider that can recognize the simple, oh so fucking obvious, realities. Is Eric Trump willing and able? How much more time and money do we want to waste on the same old, same old? Tiffany Trump? Barron Trump?

      • Someone who lives nearby or owns a business nearby should email CB1 at and ask them to find out from the Department of Buildings and/or Transportation whether the developer can be asked to reinstate the sidewalks (at least the one on Greenwich) until a start-date for construction has been set.

      • Not true. The start is imminent.