Seen & Heard: New Retail Tenant on Church

••• Signage at Whole Foods now warns shoppers that the new carts will lock if you take them out of the store. Here’s a video explaining how one such system works. And in a discussion on Quora about these types of carts, Rob Lion added this: “There are a variety of different locking mechanisms available from different manufacturers now, but every one I’ve seen is in one of the front wheels, and the locking wheel is visually distinctive from the non-locking caster wheels.

whole-foods-locking-shopping-cart-sign••• At the Battery Park City Authority’s next “Open Community Meeting,” one of the topics to be discussed is Wagner Park. Changes have to be made for storm-resiliency purposes, so the BPCA is taking a look at the park in general. The meeting is Nov. 9, 6-7:30 p.m., at 6 River Terrace.

••• I hear that at least part of the big retail space at 66 Leonard will be a sales office for the Clocktower Building conversion, a.k.a, 346 Broadway. (I’d guess it’s the part with the new doors.)

66-leonard-retail2jpg 66-leonard-retail1••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back yet again in the same Chambers/Broadway area.

••• The Subway sandwich shop on Chambers is now also a “convenience store,” as per the neon sign in the window. It’s like a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.

subway-on-chambers-interior••• Last month’s Community Board 1 Landmarks Committee meeting included a “raised stucco roof parapet wall” at 51 White. I just noticed the netting that illustrates where it would go.




  1. Has anyone else been shocked by the new Whole Food carts? I’ve only used them once, but I was shocked a few times, mildly, like a strong static-electric shock, when my hand accidentally touched the silver piece of metal attached to the cart in front of the handle on the right side. Am I imagining things?

  2. I must say I find the removal of the smaller stacked carts ridiculous. Do we live in suburbia? Do we have supermarket parking lots? I’ve never seen any of the carts outside Whole Foods. Not all of us have multiple children, some of us are single and it would be nice to have the smaller carts back. Anytime I went to Whole Foods there were lots of big ones around at the entrance, unused, while most people used the smaller carts. Yet another reason to shop there less and less.