Seen & Heard: Police Memorial Renderings

••• “Has anyone else been [literally] shocked by the new Whole Food carts?” asks Susan. “I’ve only used them once, but I was shocked a few times, mildly, like a strong static-electric shock, when my hand accidentally touched the silver piece of metal attached to the cart in front of the handle on the right side. Am I imagining things?” I sent my husband to test it, and he said he thinks she probably simply experienced a strong static-electric shock.

••• This Saturday, Nov. 12, twenty of the artists’ studios inside 368 and 373 Broadway are opening their doors so you can wander around, meet the artists, and see their work. It’s 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Image by Adriana Zubikarai.) UPDATE: The roster is now up to 30 studios.

by-adriana-zubikarai••• There’s a painted column recently revealed inside the southern 100 Hudson retail space (most recently Warburg Realty, soon to be Thom Browne’s first women’s store). Sean and I are wondering whether anyone knows what it’s from.

100-hudson-by-s••• I had always admired La Colombe for not trying to do everything, but now it’s selling Chobani yogurt—it should at least get Ronnybrook—and Liquiteria juice. UPDATE: Wpr8e points out that Chobani now owns La Colombe. Synergy! UPDATE: “La Colombe is not owned by Chobani,” says a rep. “Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder of Chobani, is a good friend and mentor of Todd Carmichael, La Colombe Co-Founder and CEO. Hamdi invested in La Colombe independently—his investment is not attached to Chobani’s business whatsoever; La Colombe is an independent company.” I asked whether Ulukaya’s investment is 51% or less, but the rep said that wasn’t public. A NYT article says he will have no management involvement or even a seat on the board.

la-colombe-fridge••• In early August, work started on the New York City Police Memorial, on the south side of North Cove Marina. (It was damaged in Hurricane Sandy.) I don’t know that I’ve ever run renderings—the project includes two new structures—so here are four from the Battery Park City Authority.

nyc-police-memorial-rendering1-courtesy-bpca nyc-police-memorial-rendering2-courtesy-bpca nyc-police-memorial-rendering3-courtesy-bpca nyc-police-memorial-rendering4-courtesy-bpca



  1. La Colombe received a major capital investment and is now owned by Chobani