Seen & Heard: H&M Opening Date

••• B. asked whether anyone else had mentioned “the fire alarm testing that BMCC seems to be conducting every morning at 5 a.m. I live on a high floor in Independence Plaza and it wakes me up every morning!” While I was waiting to hear back from BMCC’s public affairs department, she connected with the V.P. of Administration: “Apparently their rooftop contractors had been leaving building doors open overnight,” which was allowing the noise to seep out. “The problem appears to be fixed for now.”

••• H&M is running ads on bus stops that say that the World Trade Center store will open Nov. 17.

••• Added to the agenda for the Community Board 1 Landmarks Committee on Nov. 10: “121 Chambers Street, application for approval of reconstruction of two street storefront infill, removal of Reade Street fire escape and a non-visible roof addition.” That’s the former Manhattan Beauty Supply on Chambers and the current Tribeca Upholstery on Reade (that photo is by Claudine Williams).

121-chambersTribeca-Upholstery-by-Claudine-Williams copy••• “Does anyone know anything about the interesting weathered pink car that’s almost always parked at Harrison and Greenwich,” asks S., “and especially how the owner always seems to get that parking spot?!” (This was a few days ago, and then yesterday, she emailed an update: “My husband told me that last night a second pink car was double parked beside the usual one, similarly beat up, and the motor was running with no one in it.”

car-at-harrison-and-greenwich••• Behold the Whopperito, the latest in a long line of fascinating/repulsive new foods to be advertised in the windows of Dunkin Donuts and (in this case) Burger King.




  1. The pink car belongs to an artist. I have seen him selling his work in Soho and he quite often is sitting on Greenwich Street strumming his guitar with his dogs. The car is an eyesore but I’m pretty sure it’s where he lives, which is pretty disheartening.

    • NO! He does not live in the car! He has been living in Tribeca with his family before most of you were born. The car is never driven anywhere except for alternate side of street parking rules. A few years ago someone bumped the car while parked and that’s why it’s dented.

  2. You are correct the car belongs to a local artist. You are incorrect that is where he lives. He also was on Americas Got Talent a couple years ago (didn’t make it past auditions). He has 1 or 2 other cars as well that I think he uses all for his art and supplies.

    • If it’s the same artist I’m thinking of, he also has a show at night on Public Access TV of him playing his guitar in a band at PS 234 from what seems like the 80’s or 90’s

  3. It is indeed fascinating (and disheartening) to see the mega fast food options being offered today. Just what America needs.

  4. It is a hard working artist that lives in Tribeca since the 1970s. He doesn’t live in his car. He is an original Native New Yorker. He fought for PS 234. Food Emporium and so much more. Even though the car may be an Eyesore he is up early for his spot and has every right too.

  5. It would be really interesting to read a TCQ&A with the pink-car artist!