Seen & Heard: New Semi-Public Sculptures

••• The plaza next to 30 Park Place, which looks like it’s close to opening, now has a pair of sculptures. They’re meant to reference plastic bags caught in trees. (Kidding!) Could they possibly be fountains? Is that too much to hope for?

30-park-place-outdoor-sculpture••• The Taylor Swift Experience opens Nov. 17 at the Seaport District. The list of exhibits struck me as pretty thin, but then I’m not a superfan. Or perhaps “and additional interactive elements” means a timeline of Swift’s romances, audio of the conversation she had with Kanye West about “Famous,” and a hologram of the time West ruined her VMA Awards moment. Tickets are $9, but you buy them through Ticketmaster, so the price is probably more like $14.

taylor-swift-exhibit-details••• Delighted to have bought tickets to Tift Merritt’s March 31 show at City Winery. Below: “Mixtape.”

••• Justin sent over the link to the Parks Department’s NYC Street Tree Map, which is indeed cool. It’d be interesting to see whether all of the trees that have died in the past year (many of which have been chopped down) are still included on the map. Also, are there so few trees planted east of W. Broadway because of the prevalence of sidewalk vaults?

••• After I posted about La Colombe now selling Chobani yogurt and Liquiteria juice, Wpr8e commented that Chobani owns La Colombe, which is not actually the case, a rep points out: “Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder of Chobani, is a good friend and mentor of Todd Carmichael, La Colombe Co-Founder and CEO. Hamdi invested in La Colombe independently—his investment is not attached to Chobani’s business whatsoever; La Colombe is an independent company.” A NYT article says Ulukaya has no management involvement or even a seat on the board.

••• The Arlo hotel is serious about being considered a bar.



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  1. “The Taylor Swift Experience”?

    You would think that a deity had descended from heaven and we poor mortals would give anything to touch the hem of his/her garment.

    (And I do like, but not love, some of her well-crafted pop songs)

    So I’ll listen to Sam Cooke instead.