Seen & Heard: Tribeca Menswear Day Is Today

••• Tribeca Menswear Day is today! Get 15% off and/or other special offers at six fantastic local shops: Best Made, Grown & Sewn, Jack Erwin, ManuelRacim, Rag & Bone, and Shinola. We still have a lot of cool businesses here in the neighborhood—go support them, and look good in the process.

tribeca-menswear-day••• There’s some sort of A Tribe Called Quest pop-up at the Supermarket space on Broadway.

a-tribe-called-quest••• La Bellezza slice joint on Broadway has reopened after renovations.

••• The Two Boots pizzeria chain says its new location at 86 1/2 Nassau will open in the first quarter of 2017. Is there hope the company will keep the distinctiveness of the building?

two-boots-fidi••• This might come in handy. It’s at Target.

sharper-image-oversized-wine-glass-at-target-tribeca••• What’s new at the World Trade Center mall, you ask? Besides animated ads for Cheetos? First, there are now little kiosks on the main floor of the Oculus.

westfield-wtc-mall-kiosksAlso, some of the marble floor is turning icky.

westfield-wtc-floorDo you think New Jersey Transit never realized it would need permanent PATH signage? Are the tarp-like signs t he best it can do?

wtc-path-station-signageY0u know how the balconies overlooking the Oculus are the main photo op in the entire structure? There’s now at least one “No Loitering” sign.




  1. hello all,

    Just as a reminder, today (November 12th) over thirty of the artists’ studios inside 368 and 373 Broadway are opening their doors so you can wander around, meet the artists, and see their work. It’s today between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s free and a fun way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon.

  2. This morning I saw a team replacing marble floors at the base of the stairwell from the Oculus to the path. $$$$$