Seen & Heard: Rats

••• A dragon has taken up residence at Pearl River Mart’s new location. (Two guys were washing the Broadway windows, so I had to shoot from Walker, which is why the reflection is so bad.) The plan is to open soon for a pop-up, and then renovate more after he holidays.

pearl-river-mart-tribeca••• This Thursday, Fourteenjay salon on Jay Street is throwing a party for Tribeca photographer Allan Tannenbaum’s new book, Grit and Glamour. RSVP info is in the invite below.

fourteenjay-invitation••• The “for rent” sign is gone from the last 93 Worth retail space, and when I walked by, two people were sitting inside.

93-worth••• I had a Nosy Neighbor post ready about the rats on Greenwich between Hubert and Beach; the reader who wanted to know what could be done about them pinned the problem on Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, but I feel like running that post now might be piling on the restaurant unnecessarily—the construction site at 403 Greenwich certainly isn’t helping the problem, and there are three other restaurants on that block. Still, people should know what to do. Here’s what I wrote in January of 2014, when rats were discussed at Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee:

Caroline Bragdon, research scientist with the Division of Environmental Health at the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, came to talk about our rat problem. […] Rats apparently like to be “within 450 feet of their food source” and when restaurants are careless with food-scrap garbage, the rats will create burrows and colonies nearby. […] Her group reaches out to business and property owners to try to get them to bait and change their ways, and what you can do if you see rats is call 311 and then pass the complaint number along to CB1, which says it’ll follow up. […] Also of note: Food-service businesses are supposed to have their contracted private carter pick up garbage within an hour of closing.

You can file a complaint by calling 311 or online here, then email CB1 at with the details, including the complaint number.

••• “This guy was in City Hall Park on Saturday being a kind ear to anyone who needed to talk,” says D. “It was great after such a painful week for so many.”

city-hall-park-guy••• I hear that the former Sacco & Vanzetti Bistro space at Greenwich and Spring might become a deli. Also, Kevin is still nearby if you’re missing him.




  1. NYC DOHMH has a rat portal. Public can look up the address and see the inspection history.

  2. I wish the owner of the Sacco and Vanzetti space would turn off the lights inside or draw the curtains until they clean it up. it is so gross to walk by at night and see all the damage and empty liquor bottles strewn about.