New Home Decor Shop on Duane

consort-sign-at-155-duaneI was just regretting how few opportunities there are to use the word “consort”—thanks to Tracey Ullman’s recent sketch as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall—and voilà! A company called Consort is opening a shop and interior design office at 155 Duane, between Khe-Yo and Sushi of Gari. (It’s where the motorcycle used to be.) It appears to be the company’s second shop; the first is in L.A.

From Consort’s website:

Consort is an innovative home decor concept launched by Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone [below]. We offer a fresh take on comfortable, cool home design through our brick and mortar locations, which feature interior design services, a shoppable showroom, as well as an online store.

We bring a cutting edge-classic look to consumers who enjoy a trend-driven lifestyle. We seek to fill a white space in the decor market, offering fashionably edgy home goods with a heightened sense of style. We know your home is where it all begins and ends. We know your home is ever evolving. Consort is here to help you realize the chicest version of yourself.

More when it opens, of course, which will be next month, according to the signage. In the meantime, you should also watch Ullman as Angela Merkel and Judi Dench.