Seen & Heard: Tower of Mirrors

••• Work has started the “all-day brasserie, with French roots but American-inspired” at 241 W. Broadway. More on the plans here.

241-wbroadway••• If you like art and/or local history, I strongly recommend you visit the “Something Possible Everywhere: Pier 34, 1983-1984” show at Hunter College’s 205 Hudson Gallery (enter on Canal). It’s only up through Sunday (Nov. 20), so go soon—such as on tonight’s Tribeca Art Night. The show is about the artists who turned the decrepit Pier 34—which has since been destroyed) into an art gallery. The art at 205 Hudson is contemporaneous to the art that was at the pier, from the same artists; it’s supplemented by Andreas Sterzing’s wonderful photographs of the pier. The slideshow of photos is a must—like me, you’ll probably want to buy the book for $20.

pier-34-by-andreas-sterzingpier-34-by-sndreas-sterzing-from-something-possible-everywhere-book••• Amusing sign outside the Trinity Boxing Club.

trinity-boxing-club••• “111 Murray is installing mirror-like windows today on the lower floor,” asked Jen. “Any idea if this is the plan for the entire building? Can’t imagine the sun glares this would cause, yikes.” Yep, that’s how it’ll be. In renderings, of course, the building practically blends into the sky.

111-murray-glass2111-murray-rendering••• Meanwhile, 11 Murray’s outbuilding to the east has been clad in a Brutalist style. The top two floors are mechanicals, with retail on the ground floor (next to the Whole Foods freight entrance…).

111-murray-outbuilding••• Looks like the east side of 427 Washington is going to get painted—but which color?




  1. The mirrored glass on 111 Murray Street is just tacky.

    They’re striving to convey an air of elegant grandeur in the marketing (and renderings) but instead have chosen materials that will make it look “luxurious” in the vulgar Trumpian sense.

  2. This looks like a cheesy pair of mirrored knock of aviators from Chinatown …
    The Trump hotel in Soho looks .. dare I say it… tasteful by comparison.