In the News: Another Pedestrian-Only Street in FiDi?

••• Advocates for the forthcoming FiDi elementary school would like to turn tiny Edgar Street into a pedestrian plaza. (There’s also a push to turn a block of Thames Street into a pedestrian-only mall.) —Tribeca Trib

••• “John Street Church—the first Methodist congregation in the U.S.—celebrates its 250th anniversary this year.” —New York Post

••• “A man was arrested for beating an MTA train operator and trying to shove him onto the tracks of the Bowling Green subway station Tuesday morning.” —DNAinfo

••• More thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• The sushi bar at Brushstroke is now called Sushi Kaiseki; the 11-course menu is $125. “The sushi is made mostly with fish that’s cooked and cured, often while you watch at the counter.” Below: the wall of paperback books, which I think is still there…. —New York Times

brushstroke wall of books by tribeca citizen



  1. Horrible about the attempt to kill the MTA worker. I hope the perpetrator is charged with attempted murder.

  2. I’m all for more pedestrian only areas in the city.

    Widening sidewalks would be another huge benefit to pedestrians, and would further encourage walking instead of driving. This should also include solutions for the sidewalk obstructions: mountains of trash, newspaper boxes, parking meters, etc.

    “Overcrowded sidewalks topped the list of residents’ concerns in a survey last year by a local community board in Lower Manhattan”

    (The Village sidewalks are even worse; often no space to even pass another person)