In the News: Nike Is Ticking Off Its Neighbors

blacktail-bar••• The New Yorker finds BlackTail “less tropical escape than Epcot attraction.” Which is kind of unavoidable in a themed bar?

••• “Investment partners Ivan Goodstein and Michael Nelsen have wrangled control of three Battery Park City buildings from developer Howard Milstein and will sell off 349 residential units totaling $430 million, according to offering plan amendments accepted by the New York State Attorney General’s office last month. The amendments will bring never-sold condos to market from the 1980s-developed Liberty House (377 Rector Place), Liberty Terrace (380 Rector Place) and Liberty Court (200 Rector Place).” —Real Deal

••• It turns out there was another reason to object to the big new Nike store at Broadway and Spring: Crowds of customers are driving neighbors crazy. —New York Post



  1. Question:
    Who presently lives in all those condos if anyone?

  2. Tenants, they’ve been operated as rentals for decades.