In the News: Tribeca Privilege

whole-foods-tribeca-by-overheardnewyork••• Whole Foods Tribeca made Overheard New York.

••• There’s a map showing language use in the city, including around here. —Broadsheet

••• “A red-tailed hawk with head injuries stopped traffic on Hanover Square Sunday before being taken to safety.” —DNAinfo

••• A sweet “Metropolitan Diary” story about the coffee cart at Water Street and Old Slip. —New York Times

••• “I ask all FiDi Fan Page followers to write a note asking Two Boots to please save this beautiful piece of FiDi retail history and it transforms this space into a pizza emporium, complete with a roof deck! Write to” UPDATE: Andrea points out in the comments that it is indeed being saved.




  1. The Loft Candies sign IS being lovingly saved.
    Talented artist Steve Powers has been working on this since October or earlier.

  2. Let There Be Neon in Tribeca is the champion hero working on the neon. Steve ESPO Powers was the champion hero to save the sign.

    • I was afraid my effort was going to be too little, too late, but I am so happy to see that others saw the beauty and value in saving this historic piece of neon art. Kudos to Two Boots and Steve Powers for having the vision and resolve to do the right thing. :-)

  3. Nice lesson to teach your son. Rules are for fools?