Seen & Heard: Kittens Rescued from Loading Dock

••• Here’s a Gofundme drive for taking care of kittens rescued from a loading dock in Tribeca:

I have recently rescued kittens from a loading dock in Tribeca NYC. I have always self funded the care for any cats and kittens I have saved. I am now hoping to raise some money to continue my rescue work. The money I raise will go to the medical expenses for these kitties. I still need to get the Mom cat and their last litter mate. Doing this work is time consuming and expensive. It would mean so much to me if anyone would please help. I want to end the suffering of these cats. If they are left outside without being spayed and neutered the cycle will continue. These kittens and I would be so thankful for your help!

kitten••• The ARChive of Contemporary Music‘s holiday record and CD sale starts December 3 and runs for two weeks. While I was on its site, I noticed this wonderful grid of 45-rpm single adapters.

single-adaptors-courtesy-archive-of-contemporary-music••• Diane Detalle and Faustine Badrichani have a joint show, “Layers,” at Open Art Space from today through December 2, with a party on December 1 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

diane-detalle-and-faustine-badrichani••• I had never realized that the cars outside the 1st Precinct park way off the Ericsson Place curb, presumably to avoid bird crap from the trees above.

1st-precinct-cars-parking-to-avoid-getting-tree-crap••• 70 Vestry is going up fast. Renderings here.




  1. Is your reader rescuing the cats living under the loading dock at Washington and Vestry? I saw the mama cat last night when I was walking my dogs. She usually hangs out on Washington in the late evening (after 10pm).

  2. Thank you for posting the link to the GoFundMe… just donated.

  3. Regarding the kitties, do you have any information that its legit? Do you know this person? Just sayin because I’m ready to give but there’s so many scammers these days.

    • That page is all I know about it.

    • I, too.. was skeptical..and checked out her Facebook page..maybe I’ve watched too many Dateline’s on NBC..but she posted pics of a kitten from 2 years ago that looks very similar to the kitten photos she posted for this fundraiser.

      • Hi,

        I am the rescuer of these kittens. This is in no way a scam. I understand how careful one needs to be these days. I did save another mother cat and litter of kittens from this same colony two years ago. I spoke about that in the dnainfo article. Since all of these cats are related they look almost identical. All of the adult cats out there look very, very similar. I never have asked for help doing any cat rescue in the past. To continue doing this I asked for help. I am so amazed and appreciative. It has made me able to now save more.The current kittens Mom will be trapped and adopted. I am sorry she was not spayed earlier. The only thing unlucky about black cats is that you are missing out on all of their love. These cats are lucky because they are no longer living outside. That is pretty lucky for them and me.

  4. I have known the person responsible for this GoFundMe drive for close to 16 years, and I can promise you that she is tireless and determined in her passion to save, neuter and care for cats. I have seen this active pursuit in her daily life, while working as an active and driven member of the music, film and post-production community of New York City, often to the detriment of her own personal well-being.

    Julie W, while you were posting your missive about Jen’s photo being similar to some other photo of some other kitten you may have remembered from a couple of years ago (really??), I was texting with her while she was crawling around the gutters of Tribeca with cat treats and sardines, trying to gently coax the momma cat into a pet carrier, so she could attempt to get her spayed. This was at about 1:30am, and Jen was pretty sure she was gonna be there till at least 3am, worried the whole time about her safety and how she was going to get back home to Brooklyn when she was either successful or after she had given up for the night.

    Where were you? What are you doing at 1:30am? It is always so easy to be the critic or the skeptic – maybe try joining her for one of these outings in the next evening or two? Then you will know, first hand, how real and dedicated and passionate she is about this. I mean it. I can’t do what she does, but she does it and never complains.

    If you need further info or need to “check” me out, feel free to email me at the email in this posting, and you can “vet” me and my level of “Datelininess” or not. If I pass your test, I can put you in touch with Jen, so you can join her in the streets of Tribeca at 2am.