The Greek’s Owner Is Trying Again

Washington and Watts retail space“The owners of the units were posing too many restrictions and it just wasn’t feasible,” said Tom Galis, owner of the Greek, explaining why he was dropping his plan for an all-day restaurant in the Sterling Mason condominium at Greenwich and Laight. But he has found an alternative location: the former Canali Club gym space inside Truffles Tribeca, at the southwest corner of Washington and Watts. David sent over the posting at the site:

greek-restaurant-liquor-license-at-trufflesThe restaurant will presumably be along the same lines as the kiboshed one: a café during the day and more of a restaurant at night, serving from breakfast through to dinner. (“The Greek is a full-service, upscale restaurant,” Galis told Community Board 1. “This is more of a casual experience. Less rustic chic, more country casual. More Mediterranean than Aegean.”) Whether the nearby residents will object remains an open question, although Galis appears to have learned one lesson from the previous experience—the proposed closing hours are earlier, 1 a.m. on weeknights and 2 a.m. on weekends. We’ll learn more at the CB1 Tribeca Committee meeting on December 14. UPDATE: Just heard from Galis that the restaurant will also have a Greek retail bakery.



  1. I went to the Greek for the first time a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. The food was great and the service was very friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to going back

  2. I think that Tom needs to hire a better liquor lawyer like this one:

    Also, as a student of Pace University, I sometimes take walks to Thomas street and I haven’t seen much indicators of restaurant construction of what was megu soon to be Buddha Bar. The only indicators I see is that just one window is covered by white paper that wasn’t covered before licensing, there has been a stool or ladder on the upper level, and I see everything is where it was in the past, and in fact, at around 4:00 yesterday, the lights at the stairs and the Japanese flag inside were on. How can lights be on inside a closed place? Maybe this is another indicator of construction or maybe it’s being done from the dining room or areas not visible through front windows first.

    • update, I found a phone number on Buddha Bar New York’s newly created facebook page, called it, and I was told it should be open by September.

    • The liquor lawyer was not the problem. As William commented (on September 15, 2016 • 9:23 pm):
      “The problem with Tom going directly to the SLA is that he had been in violation several times. He served liquor outside with no sidewalk permit. I believe he was cited twice.”

      The other lesson learned here is that it is easier for a restaurateur to rent in a single-landlord building than from the owner of a retail condo in a largely residential condo building with lots of resident owners who are unlikely to accommodate a restaurant and the clout to oppose one.

  3. i dig the greek, as far as restauranteurs go, tom and co are very caring and very into being part of the community, i hope this one don’t get cockblocked.

  4. The food and service at the Greek are great. The sound level is too much for me. Probably will not go back for that reason. I understand that many enjoy loud. Fine, please continue to patronize this great restaurant. Maybe the new one will be easier on the ears so I can get some more of that wonderful food.