When Richard Serra Dominated Tribeca

richard-serra-st-johns-rotary-arc-courtesy-public-art-fund-floppedThis will not be news to those of you who have lived in the area for decades, but it’s encouraging for everyone who has ever hoped that the Port Authority might (once again) allow the circular area surrounded by the Holland Tunnel off-ramp to be put to some cool use. From April 24, 1980, to January 30, 1987, the circle was home to a massive Richard Serra sculpture: “Arc, which reveals a fresh departure in the artist’s work to date, consists of 12’ x 40’ steel plates, which form a 200’ arc,” said the Public Art Fund. (Serra lives on Duane, which if I don’t mention someone else will.) I’ve included all of the Public Art Fund’s photos, even ones that are redundant or don’t show the work at all, for the glimpses they offer of the surrounding area.

richard-serra-st-johns-rotary-arc-courtesy-public-art-fund2-flopped richard-serra-st-johns-rotary-arc-courtesy-public-art-fund3-floppedrichard-serra-st-johns-rotary-arc-courtesy-public-art-fund4richard-serra-st-johns-rotary-arc-courtesy-public-art-fund5richard-serra-st-johns-rotary-arc-courtesy-public-art-fund6What’s more, from April 24, 1980, to July 30, 1981, another Serra sculpture, T.W.U., was at Finn Square.

richard-serra-twu-courtesy-public-art-fund richard-serra-twu-courtesy-public-art-fund2 richard-serra-twu-courtesy-public-art-fund3 richard-serra-twu-courtesy-public-art-fund4 richard-serra-twu-courtesy-public-art-fund6 richard-serra-twu-courtesy-public-art-fund7-floppedAnd of course there was Tilted Arc, the story of which will leave to another day. (Thanks to Matthew for the heads-up about this!)



  1. Tilted, not Titled

  2. Great pictures of “olde” Tribeca- only quibble is shots 1, 2, 3, 12 are flopped (backwards).

  3. Ugh, that’s how they were on the Public Art Fund site. Will try to fix but it may not happen for a while

  4. Old timer, here. Oh how I miss those pieces.

  5. Where are these pieces now?

  6. Thanks for sharing these. We need more Serra (and the old PAF projects in general) back in our lives!