In the News: Tribecan Accused of Attacking Postal Worker

courtesy @photosbykathleen••• The New York Post can’t believe there are Christmas decorations at the Westfield World Trade Center mall (aside from the light show that started yesterday). But if there were more decorations, I’m sure the Post would be outraged that a sacred space was being desecrated. (Photo courtesy @photosbykathleen.)

••• “A Tribeca resident allegedly beat up his mailman and hurled racist invective because the postal worker wouldn’t hand him his mail during its delivery, the victim testified Thursday.” It happened at 40 Harrison. —New York Daily News

••• But then this:

mailman-attack-tweet••• A long article in the New York Times details how crowded Lower Manhattan has become—with residents, workers, construction, and tourists—and the problems that come with that. (Often the Times uses “Lower Manhattan” to refer to everything below 23rd Street, but in this case it’s FiDi.) There’s not much news, but it’s nice to see Da Claudio in the paper!

••• How Jessica Lappin, head of the Downtown Alliance, spends her Sundays (in Midtown East). —New York Times

••• “A New York City Council committee is set to vote Monday on a transfer of $100 million of air rights from Pier 40 so builders Westbrook Partners and Atlas Capital can raise a 1.7 million-square-foot, mixed-use development across the street. If the council’s subcommittee on zoning and franchises approves the transfer, it is likely the full council will give the final approval later this month.” But there are sticking points. —Crain’s

••• Remembrances of Edward Albee. —New York Times

••• “The city’s logs show a sterling record for Lower Manhattan’s M1478 school bus route to Peck Slip School, which notes only two delays so far this school year, each less than 45 minutes, and both due to mechanical issues, according to the Department of Education. But those ledgers are wildly out of synch with the experience of Downtown parents, who claim that for weeks bus drivers ran severely late on a regular basis, and that on one occasion this year—of which the city has no record—a wayward substitute driver ended up taking students as far north as Hell’s Kitchen on a trip that left kids more than an hour and a half late to class, according to one Battery Park mom.” —Downtown Express

••• The Two Bridges area is getting a massive real-estate project involving a million square feet of residential and commercial space. —The Lo-Down

260 South St. massing



  1. the guy accused of beating up his mailman appears to be the boombox guy in front of Duane Reade (based on the photo from the news article). I always thought he was a harmless character…

  2. It is shocking how incompetent OPT bus substitute drivers are — on multiple occasions my daughter’s bus thankfully had older kids with a phone that then proceeded to show the driver how to get to the next stop with their IPhone GPS — meanwhile parked somewhere in the West Village and Soho another time as he was unable to figure out where he was to go next?!!! And the Dept of Ed is placing young children (my daughter in K, who does not have a phone to call me) in the care of these adults!?!

  3. The head of the Downtown Alliance lives in Midtown East? Huh.

  4. “Two Bridges” neighborhood? 260 South Street is the South Street Seaport. Those towers will go right across from/next to/somewhere near the Imagination Playground. So the seaport gets its Hughes Tower after all?

  5. The address is absolutely incorrect. This development is next to the other new high rises coming up just north of the Brooklyn Bridge on South Street.