A New Restaurant in the Super Linda Space

Super LindaThe December Community Board 1 agendas include the following item:

109 West Broadway, application for liquor license for 109 West Battery Food & Wine LLC and Yves LLC

That’s the former Super Linda space, at the northeast corner of Reade. The phone number I found for 109 West Battery Food & Wine LLC is Matt Abramcyk’s, and of course “Yves LLC” is a clue in itself, given that Abramcyk recently opened Yves at Greenwich and N. Moore. (He’s also involved in Smith & Mills, Warren 77, Tiny’s, and Navy, and he had been a partner in Super Linda.) I texted him to see if he’d share more details: “Two different menus upstairs and down,” was the reply. “Upstairs lighter [and] fish-centric. Downstairs great cocktails and smoked meats. More to follow next week. Still developing.” And we’ll definitely learn more at the CB1 Tribeca Committee meeting on December 14—full annotated agendas to come.



  1. I hope they don’t make the same mistake as before with Super Linda… red velvet rope… exclusive attitude… rude staff… once the novelty ran out they had lost any neighbourhood customers with the obnoxious attitude

  2. I have only been to Warren 77 and Tiny’s more than once but I was not crazy about either. ( I looked at Super Linda’s menu once but it didn’t appeal to me). I find Tiny’s tables too small to be comfortable. (The chairs aren’t generally comfy either for a nice extended meal.). And 77 is really only a stand up bar with a few tables. Super Linda is a nice space but I don’t hold out much hope that he’ll do something that the neighborhood can REALLY use. Too many “cocktail” spots a trendy places for outsiders. Not enough places for those of us in the nabe, in my opinion. And it’s ONLY my opinion.

  3. Serafina on one corner of Reade & W. Broadway, new Super Linda on the other??. Ward lll (when it reopens) and Sazon a few feet away. What 500ft rule?
    I just hope that the CB1 committee puts some stipulations in their resolution that gives some of the residents of this area a bit of relief from late night noise and traffic.