Antique Garage Is Opening in Tribeca

church-street-tavernSure enough, something is indeed coming to the former Church Street Tavern space at 313 Church: Antique Garage, which opened on Mercer Street in Soho in 2003, is opening a second location there. From the restaurant’s website: “Our menu embraces a diverse collection of cross-cultural influences spanning the Mediterranean with delicate flavors predominating. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced, fresh, organic and prepared with care. [Chef/owner Utku Cinel’s] private collection of antiques offers an eclectic, unique and romantic ambiance, charming and elegant in the tradition of old New York.”

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that this information came to light because Antique Garage is applying for a liquor license, which will be discussed at the December meeting of Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee (full annotated agendas to be posted soon).




  1. Do we have a time frame for Antique Garage’s opening?

  2. Agreed re the current administration.