In the News: Anish Kapoor Bought at 56 Leonard

56 Leonard courtesy Anish Kapoor••• Sculptor Anish Kapoor bought at 56 Leonard for $13.5 million. “Kapoor’s artwork ‘Sky Mirror’ will be integrated at the base of the building, along with a new specially commissioned work by the artist.” Previously, there had always been the plan for a silvery blob, and I don’t think there was any mention of “Sky Mirror” (but maybe the New York Post has it wrong). Above: A study for what might have been, from Kapoor’s website’s page on the project.

••• The Tribecan who attacked a postal worker who wouldn’t let the guy get to his mailbox before delivery was completed was acquitted on all charges. —New York Daily News

••• School overcrowding in Lower Manhattan: still dire. —Broadsheet

••• “A deal to transfer $100 million of air rights—which would fund Pier 40 repairs and green-light a large development across the street—was granted by a key New York City Council subcommittee Monday morning. The approval from the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises likely means the full council will follow suit this month.” —Crain’s



  1. Sky Mirror is super cool and all but I was really looking forward to the wedged blob.

  2. I’m sure the school overcrowding will be an issue but it doesn’t sound like these numbers take into any account the number of kids that will be going to private school. The majority of the units scheduled to come to market downtown are luxury apartments starting in the multiples of millions and I would assume a good amount of those kids won’t be attending public schools.

    • Actually it does, “CEQR (City Environmental Quality Review) algorithm that the DOE uses to calculate the need for school capacity, which predicts the need for 0.12 new elementary school seats for every new dwelling within a given community.” Private school attendance is one of the things the DOE takes into account.