Seen & Heard: Janovic Ceiling Collapse

••• K. reports that the ceiling of the new Janovic store on Broome has collapsed, and that someone outside said it happened overnight, so no one was hurt. The website says it’ll reopen on Dec. 21, but K. is doubtful.

janovic-store-by-k••• That “elevator emergency” sign in last week’s Where in Tribeca…? is on Worth Street.

where-in-tribeca-elevator-emergency-answer-55-worth••• The word from N. is that CityMD is opening on Fulton.

••• Artist Miljan Suknovic, whose studio is on Franklin, has a show up at Catherine Ahnell Gallery on Grand.

miljan-suknovic-mural-painting-at-catherine-ahnell-gallery-copy••• I saw on Twitter that “Test Drive Your Jokes” is filming in northwest Tribeca tomorrow (Wednesday). I didn’t see anything online about it.