A New Café on Reade

Christina Lehr (1)After Christina Lehr vacates the space at 139 Reade, her boyfriend, Jack Mazzola, will turn it into another outpost of Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee. I’ve reached out to Jack to ask whether there might be anything different about this location—vs., say, the one that opened in the Roxy Hotel last April—and will update when I hear back. (You might recall that the space was Kiva Café before Lehr took it over.)



  1. I really liked your articles for a long time. But I don’t think you represent the working class people only the rich ones in our area. lets not forget who started our great “Tribeca” artist, school teachers, postal workers, all walks of the middle class life that does not exist in our neighborhood. Only the well off do that is why the city is a complete sell out.

    • I am all for a wide variety of inhabitants of the neighborhood. However, why post this concern on this article for a café? That café presumably serves people from all walks of life.

    • I wonder if you could offer Erik some suggestions on things to cover that you feel would better represent the entire population of Tribeca? Topics, places or people to feature etc? I actually think he does a great job of featuring all kinds of people and all kinds of stories. It feels like your main concern is the lack of diversity and gentrification of Tribeca which can’t be blamed on Erik :)