In the News: “Ghostbusters” Proposal

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of 92 Reade, where the Heyday facial shop is now.

••• “The city Department of Buildings said Friday that a series of errors on the part of the crawler crane operator caused the massive piece of equipment to come crashing to the ground on Feb 5.” (Which I thought had already been determined…?) —NBC New York

••• State senator Daniel Squadron’s thoughts on housing affordability, as offered at his November 15 town hall. —Broadsheet

••• “Almodóvar’s shelves are as full of playful figurines and gaudy magnets as a Tribeca toy store,” writes D.T. Max in a New Yorker profile of director Pedro Almodóvar. I guess that might describe the Balloon Saloon (but not really Boomerang Toys or Playing Mantis).

••• A British fan of Ghostbusters flew his girlfriend to New York City so he could propose at the Ladder 8 firehouse–but he hadn’t realized it was under serious construction. “Undeterred, he reached out to a staffer at the city Department of Design and Construction in August. That official convinced the FDNY to let the tourists come inside the firehouse as long as they wore hard hats and safety vests.” —New York Daily News

••• A profile of the Armoury, which is located on Duane Park: “not your typical men’s haberdasher buried in the bowels of Tribeca, New York.” —Barron’s

••• The thefts listed on the Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter include one two days from now. It’s like “Early Edition”!


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  1. where was State senator Daniel Squadron when we needed him at Independence Plaza 2004. When Larry Gluck intimidated all life long tenants who created Tribeca to leave the complex. When our so call ” Tenants Association” did the right thing only for themselves. They have the “Lap” program and “we” quite a few of us got stuck with a “sticky voucher”. Where we pay sometimes more then 30% of our gross income. More then Lap tenants. The Lap never have to be downsized and the Sticky Voucher tenants being downsized and paying sometimes over $3000.00 a month rent. We are 911 survivors and we never had someone to really fight for us. between the corrupt landlord and the tenant association doing only what was good for them we are being forced out. What a shame.