Museum of Modern Graffiti | December 2016

When I started this series, there was enough street art for a post every few months, then every six months; now it’s once a year, if we’re lucky (and without DAIN, Dee Dee, and Robert Janz, we’d really be at a loss). Click to see the works in all their glory.

street-art-by-dain-on-lispenard-30june2016 street-art-by-dee-dee-on-lispenard-9416 street-art-dain-lispenard-2oct16 street-art-dain-lispenard-51016 street-art-dain-nmoore-52316 street-art-dain-on-wbroadway-92816 street-art-deedee-on-w-broadway street-art-lispenard-101716 street-art-lispenard-by-robert-janz-122415 street-art-mermaid-franklin-place-122315 street-art-robert-janz-bisoman-broadway-21116 street-art-robert-janz-poem-broadway-21116street-art-broadway-112816street-art-by-deede-on-white-112716Previously:
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  1. These artists bring joy to my daily walk.

  2. There are a couple of crazy rat artworks on the electrical boxes on south side of Canal street… just west of Varick