In the News: Teen Robbed and Stabbed at Tribeca Skate Park

••• How the Battery Park City Authority’s first attempt at allowing public comment at its board meetings went. —Broadsheet

••• “A [Stuyvesant] high school student was robbed and stabbed [in the leg] after using the new Facebook Marketplace feature to try and sell sweatshirts, police say. […] When the student arrived at the Tribeca skate park where he had agreed to meet the female buyer, there were some surprise visitors. Three other people approached him, one wearing a ski mask.” —NBC New York (“Two teenage suspects were arrested.” —Tribeca Trib)

••• The Upper West Side location of Zucker’s opens this month. —New York Post

••• The MTA is still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy: “Beginning next [this?] spring, service between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be affected on the 2 and 3 trains, thanks to the closure of the Clark St Tube on weekends. The short version: No trains will run on the 2 and 3 lines between Brooklyn and Manhattan for more than a year, but only on weekends.” —Curbed

••• The New York Times looks at the effects of no-tipping policies on restaurants, including North End Grill: “When demand dipped for the $69 aged strip steak (up from $59), the chef Eric Korsh slipped a small $33 sirloin with fries alongside it on the menu to satisfy the restaurant’s steak-loving regulars.” Also, there has been staff attrition.



  1. Seems a bit unfair to show a photo of an empty North End Grill with the blurb about tipping. One might reasonably infer that the new policy has crippled the business. Based on what I see (as a regular visitor) is that business remains brisk.

    • I use the photos I have on hand (and I generally avoid shooting people in restaurants, because patrons don’t like it, and they might blame the restaurant). Agree that NEG is still doing well.

  2. I love This shot, so graphic !

  3. Maybe the lack of staff was the issue the other day. I went there with 7 people a few weeks ago, 3 of them toddlers, and was told that there were no tables available and we could only sit by the bar. We decided against it and as we passed by the main dining room, looked in from the outside and saw more than half of the tables unoccupied.

  4. I would actually say the opposite in regards to NEG. I think they have lost business very notably over the last few months. Never hard to get a reservation, always seats. They lost some of their best staff members. Most notable the bartenders. The sticker shock on some of the food once they went to no tipping has without a doubt made an impact. So much so i know they lowered the prices on some of their items.

  5. As someone who lives right near NEG and at the least a weekly attender, the place is just not the same, and the cost is sky high and not necessarily benefiting the employees. I have had a multiple issues lately and the level of service from the managers is Gone.

    I have moved over to Amada

  6. I can confirm the level of service, the quality of the staff, and the food have all gone downhill and that photo is indicative of what NEG has become. I was a regular for the past 4 years and have since stopped going after my last two attempts resulted in TWICE having them tell me they ran out of steak. Both times were around 7pm on Friday nights. Food costs and management was the answer I got both times, but give me a break. Cutting corners to reach what is admittedly an admirable goal of paying kitchen staff more while charging outrageous prices just proves that the model is not working. I hope Danny and team are honest with themselves about what needs to be done to restore what was once one of the best neighborhood spots in the city.

  7. Not only does a teen get stabbed and all anyone here is talking about is prices and service at North End Grill but the guy who runs this site isn’t letting someone (me) point that out, wish the kid well, wish that the people who stabbed him are caught because it’s embarrassing to him and his commenters, real nice.

    Oh no! North End Grill prices are increasing and their service is getting worse. What will we do?!! Here’s an idea: don’t go there anymore.

    You’d make a great Trump media director, Erik. Keep out the dissenting voices. Make sure TriBeCa Citizen is a nice, safe place free of anything that would offend or disturb your fellow rich readers (and advertisers of course.)

    • I didn’t approve your previous comment because I assumed it was from a commenter who had previously been banned. Also, it struck me as simple-minded (and obviously sanctimonious). In a roundup post about several items, people can clearly comment on whatever they like—expecting them to first express useless sympathy about an unrelated item is ridiculous. (North End Grill has indeed advertised a couple of times in the past, but if I was really protecting them, don’t you think I would’ve blocked the other comments, too?)

  8. AL

    Let’s address the real issue here. You’re upset because NEG entryway doesn’t provide enough clearance for you to ride in on your high horse.