Seen & Heard: Endless Bus Bulb Construction

••• Water has been burbling up from a manhole on Reade, between W. Broadway and Hudson since last weekend, says Morgan. Uncharacteristically, I’ve contacted 311 twice and tweeted the DEP.

••• T. notes that the “bus bulb” on Broadway—which got built, then torn up so the 5 Franklin Place construction workers could use the space, then unsatisfactorily built again, is now being torn up again. Yesterday, there were at least two jackhammers going at once.

••• Soho Photo’s January shows, opening Jan. 5, include Two, and a Quarter by Peter Agron.

••• Is there any limit to the length of trucks allowed in Manhattan? This one was a half a block long—watching it turn onto Franklin was a treat.

••• Rooftops: Islands in the Sky, from Taschen, features a Boyoun Kim illustration of a Tribeca rooftop by HMWhite on its cover.



  1. Perhaps the NYC DEP Bureau of Public Affairs & Communications would respond to your press inquiry by telephone?

    Contact Numbers
    Fax: (718) 595-3477

    Press Office
    (718) 595-6600

    Community Affairs
    (718) 595-3496

    • Pretty sure the press office would not consider this in its jurisdiction.

      • Perhaps not, but Community Affairs would be interested in repeated nonresponsiveness to water waste complaints and a potential hazard of ice conditions on the road.

        • Possibly. (The DSNY salted the area, so no need to worry about that.) The thing is, I already have reservations about being the neighborhood nag, and I generally feel like people in the immediate area should take responsibility for alerting the city when something goes wrong (as some very well may have). I can’t be tracking down a city rep every time I see something wrong—I’d have little time for anything else, and it’d sap my spirit pretty quickly. I made an exception for this, because the Californian in me hates seeing water being wasted, and now I need to move on. I encourage anyone else out there to take up the battle, if the water is still flowing.

          • Well said, Erik!

          • Point taken. I’m not looking to burden you or anyone else. If one of your readers is directly affected by this condition or a similarly persistent, wasteful, or dangerous condition, and 311 has not led to a DEP response, they should know Community Affairs is a good resource to contact.

  2. Thanks to the person at the top who 311’d about this. Thurs eve around 7 there were two DEP trucks at the site and one of the drivers good-naturedly promised that the leak would be solved that night. Which would be barely in time because the ice had already spread dangerously for me on my bike and everyone else.