Seen & Heard: New Oculus Subway Entrance

••• “Gift from MTA on this frigid day,” tweeted M. M. De Voe. “E train entrance direct to Oculus opened!” I can’t remember where that would be—near the stairs up to Vesey, on the mezzanine level? (Waiting to hear back from M. M.)

••• Urban Archaeology’s new store at 158 Franklin looks close to opening.

••• From Asphalt Green: “Babysitting services will be discontinued, effective December 23. The space is being reorganized to bring more high-quality programs for everyone at Asphalt Green.”

••• The Department of Buildings gave 70 Vestry a lot of after-hours variances in the two weeks before Christmas—including all day on Saturday, December 24.

••• 111 Murray is looking nicer as more of it gets glassed.

••• “I saw this sign next door to the Key Food on Fulton,” emailed L. “My family is from Southern Italy and in pizza so it sounds interesting! Any details?” That’s a new outpost of the Bleecker Street restaurant Kesté—which has very good pizza, so yes, this is extremely exciting. And it’s going to have a school where people can learn to make pizza.



  1. Re the subway entrance: if you get off the front of the train and keep going forward, that’s where it is train-wise. It connects to the balcony near the passage to the Fulton Center inside the “mall.”. They’ve preserved the old WTC floor, signage, bannister, etc. so if you had used it before it may be a bit of a shock.


    . . . for pictures and more info. They call it the Chambers Street stop, but it’s actually World Trade Center.