In the News: More on the Recent Attack

••• Hyperallergic has another account of the attack on Walker last Saturday night. It includes this, from artist Marz Saffore, an attendee at the event who approached a NYPD officer (thanks to Patti Cruz for the photo):

“I told him what was happening. I pointed out the guys because, the three guys who were right there. They were just crossing Church Street [at this point],” she said. “They were right there, we were pointing them out and the police officer told me, he’s just like, ‘You need to get your people inside.’ He completely ignored any claim, he completely erased everything. He just said, ‘You need to get your people inside.’ I was like, ‘OK but I just need, we just need time.’ He was just like, ‘No you need to get your people inside because reinforcements are coming.’”

••• The New York Post confirms what we already knew: New York Dolls strip club isn’t moving, and the owners bought the building with Cricketers Arms in it, too. “One of the owners of the club, Barry Albert, told Page Six that the business would have been doomed if they couldn’t keep that address. ‘The thing about our business is that it’s impossible to reopen anywhere else because there’s so much regulation in our industry, especially in lower Manhattan; forget it—it’ll never happen again,’ he said.” No word on the rumor that a steakhouse will open where Cricketers Arms was.

••• The New York Times reviews Cut restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel: “Except for the art, nothing about Cut is less than good. But a lot of it isn’t very inspired, either. The Wolfgang Puck in charge here is the proficient overseer of high-end hotel amenities, not the chef who crossed boundaries and defined an earlier era.” The real zinger is thrown at the bar: “It’s how you’d imagine a sexy downtown bar if you’d never been downtown, gone to a bar or had sex.”

••• “After a $20 million renovation, a new Summons Court has launched inside the landmarked David N. Dinkins Municipal Building at 1 Centre St. […] The move to the municipal building comes after the city sold the summons court’s current building, 346 Broadway, for $160 million to developers who are planning to convert the space to luxury condos. The city initially tried to move the summons court to 71 Thomas St., but the plan was squashed after local residents, who were adamantly against the court sued the city.” —DNAinfo

••• Humble Fish poke restaurant hopes to open in February. —DNAinfo



  1. The NY Times (sadly) has a new weekly editorial column in The Opinion Pages which reports hate crime stories around the country since the election of Donald Trump. This story has not made it in as of yet. It all needs to be national and urgent news.

    At the bottom it states:
    “This Week in Hate is collecting submissions of incidents that have already been reported to law enforcement or in other media outlets. Send submissions to Thanks to those who have already submitted.”

  2. Anyone who has an intelligent and valid point of view should be able to debate it and not have to resort to bludgeoning those who have opposing points of view.
    I can’t believe this is happening in New York. I hope the police identify and arrest these people.

  3. The New York Times and NY1 are not covering the story of the Artist’s Space attack. Why?

  4. What’s with the pro-cop censorship?

    ‘Can’t deal with reality which is Firs Precinct cops are useless, lazy, stupid clockpunchers who don’t do their jobs such as in this case?

    • I didn’t approve your previous comments because they didn’t meet this site’s standards (as was the case for your comments complaining about readers caring more about North End Grill than the kid who got stabbed in the leg). I’ll allow this one so you can stop whining about censorship. But when you comment in the future, please resist the urge to spew bile.

  5. Bravo Erik!